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rocket powered shopping cart

Wacky Andy Tyler sits in a 50mph shopping cart after fitting a JET ENGINE. Its metal glows red hot at temperatures up to 600°C, so he has to sit with his back to a heat shield.

The microlight instructor, 35, built the gas and liquid fuel pulse jet from instructions off the internet. He pulled the trolley from a river and splashed £50 on scrap wheels, brakes and a steering device.

The dad of two, from Beccles, Suffolk, said: "It can't go on roads, runs out of fuel after two minutes and at over 50mph becomes unstable. People think I'm off my trolley but it's exhilarating."

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Why no picture of SARS Monkey Monument! Why!

China erects monument for SARS monkeys

BEIJING (AFP) - Thirty-eight Chinese rhesus monkeys that died in SARS research have had a monument erected in their honor, state media said. The monument, which is in granite and weighs 16 tonnes, has been set up at the lab animals center of Wuhan University in central Hubei province, Xinhua news agency reported.

"For lab animals that have died for the health of humans," the monument reads, while on the back the inscription goes, "In special memory of the 38 rhesus monkeys that devoted their lives to SARS research."

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