who knew the post office had no sense of humor?

Controversial stamps get licked

Just one month after launching its custom postage service, Stamps.com scaled back the program on Monday in an attempt to deter controversial images from being affixed to the nation's mail.

The Los Angeles-based company said it will continue to offer the PhotoStamps service, whereby consumers can pay to have images of their choice printed as valid U.S. postage. However, the firm says it will focus on its two best-selling categories, babies/children and pets/animals. Stamps.com has banned any submissions bearing the likeness of adults or teenagers, but said it will continue to accept images including landscapes, nature, wildlife, business logos and charity logos.

Almost immediately after the company launched PhotoStamps, Internet pranksters began detailing their attempts to have postage with controversial or humorous subjects printed. One site, The Smoking Gun, successfully ordered stamps featuring images of controversial figures including Ted Kaczynski, Jimmy Hoffa and Slobodan Milosevic, as well as postage graced by similarly notorious inanimate objects, such as Monica Lewinsky's famed blue dress.

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19 Responses:

  1. nosrialleon says:

    I knew I should have acted quick. I had a folder full of ideas ready to be photoshopped - mostly serial killers, of course...

  2. neevita says:

    Wow, they really thought that through didn't they.

  3. nero_fiore says:

    You know, I was so damned excited when these photo stamps came out....I was going to use them for birth announcements.

    This just cracked me up....I guess I'm not nearly as creative as those who put Monica Lewinski's dress on a stamp....that is classic.

  4. adameros says:

    And yet would to print those same images on an envelope and the post office would not balk at sending the envelope, as long as it had correct postage.

  5. detritus says:

    Damn, i didn't get a chance to try the goatse stamps.

  6. joeradio says:

    Reminds me of an old SNL "Weekend Update" item:

    "The post office announced today that it is going to issue a stamp commemorating prostitution in the United States. It's a ten-cent stamp, but if you want to lick it, it's a quarter."

  7. This reminded me of that arcade game with a camera for recording faces of high score winners. The trial worked for a little while, and then somebody stepped up on a chair and dropped his pants.

    The stamps will probably become a boon to philatelists.

  8. nester says:

    I'm always 10 minutes late to the party.. damnit.

  9. Wait, since when can you put a picture of a living person on U.S. postage?

  10. alisgray says:

    it's amazing how much Milosevic looks like Archie Bunker.

  11. greatbiggary says:

    When I heard about these last week on TechTV, my first thought was "emotistamps." The pointless parking ticket I paid last year could've had a little image of me looking completely hurt on an emotional level. Since almost all my snail mails now are for similar things, I could find uses for a full sheet of my pained visage.

    On a lighter note, I'm thinking some DNA logo stamps would look pretty sweet. At least that still falls within the parameters.

  12. kw34hd1 says:


    Second, the delivery involved the collusion of sequences of postal workers, not simply lone operatives. The USPS appears to have some collective sense of humor, and might in fact here be displaying the rudiments of organic bureaucratic intelligence.


  13. endico says:

    >PhotoStamps currently will only accept color images (no
    >black & white) of children who appear to be 12 years of
    >age or younger, pets and animals, business and charity
    >logos, landscapes, wildlife, and vehicles.

    Here's your opportunity to make a killdozer stamp.

  14. thesliver says:

    So bad taste is out, but paedophiles and furries get it postmarked.

  15. googoobaby says:

    Since they are accepting landscapes, could fields of opium poppies, MJ, etc. pass their acceptance tests?

  16. parkrrrr says:

    So, TSG posts several sheets of stamps on their page and says they're not planning to use them.

    It appears that they're just pretty e-stamps; each one has a unique 2-D barcode on it.

    What's keeping me from printing out one of those sheets and pasting the images on my own mail? As far as I can tell, the only thing that'd prevent that is the possibility that someone else thought of it first and used the stamp I was going to use. But *somebody* is gonna get free postage out of this, courtesy of TSG, right? Or am I missing something?