Twinkies Sushi

Twinkies Sushi: "Slice Hostess Twinkies into pieces about an inch tall. Slice fruit roll ups in strips to be long enough and wide enough to wrap around the Hostess Twinkie pieces. Wrap the fruit roll ups around the Hostess Twinkie pieces. Place dried fruits and candies into the cream filling. Place Twinkie rolls on a plate or in a bento box. Garnish with strips of dried mango to resemble pickled ginger if you wish! Serve with chopsticks if you wish."
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17 Responses:

  1. granting says:

    American corruption in its finest form.

  2. flipzagging says:

    Been there done that.

    As a fellow candy sushi chef, I admire the use of twinkies, as it saves several steps -- we used Rice Krispies. But trust me, starchy treat + candy treat = no longer a treat.

    • tfofurn says:

      Yeah, I'm thinking that'd be strictly a show piece in my presence.

    • jupi_chan says:

      I've made candy sushi before. But it was just rice krispie treats wrapped up in a strawberry fruit roll up.

      Quite tasty, in my (and all of my friends) opinions.

      They're rather tough to eat though. VERY chewy.

  3. baconmonkey says:

    aka "how to give your kid adult onset diabetes before highschool"

  4. jkonrath says:

    Instead of soy sauce, you can just dip them in Coke.

  5. quercus says:

    From target="_lileks" title="The Gallery of Regrettable Food"
    that would be funny.

    From and they're serious, it's just scary.

  6. googoobaby says:

    so can we seal them in plastic instead?

    If Linux was sushi would you have a Gentoo Bento box?

    • nex0s says:

      considering what they're made of, i don't think you have to seal them in plastic for them to remain preserved forever and ever.


  7. bifrosty2k says:

    I would so eat that if the twinkies wouldn't kill me.

  8. spider88 says:

    That is so wrong.

    That is even more wrong than a guy squirting milk out of his tear ducts.

    Oh, the wrongness...

  9. After seeing this on JWZ, my girlfriend and I made these for a party we had last night. They're odd. They don't really taste good, but they don't really taste bad, either. The flavors of the Twinkies and the Fruit Roll-ups sort of cancel each other out to the point that they don't really taste like anything. No harm, no foul.

  10. bluesterror says:

    One time I made some with cheese-filled hot dogs.

    They were really nasty.

  11. This is too cute. I'm thinking a fun activity with my daughter when she gets older :)