The Scweam!

The Scweam:

Linda Jones and Craig Kausen, daughter and grandson of fabled animation director and artist, Chuck Jones, have donated the Chuck Jones lithograph, The Scweam, to the Munch Museum in Oslo Norway in response to the recent theft of Edvard Munch's The Scream this past week.

In a letter to the museum's curators, Craig Kausen wrote, "When we heard of the tragic theft of The Scream we were heartbroken to think that your patrons, visitors, and Munch admirers would be unable to enjoy this masterpiece while the despots and fiends are tracked down and this work of genius is returned."

Continued Kausen, "Although nothing will replace Mr. Munch's masterpiece work, we are offering Mr. Jones' rendition to hang in its stead during its, hopefully, brief absence."

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6 Responses:

  1. injector says:

    The Scream was stolen? I'm used to my lack of televisions, news papers, and radio leaving me blissfully ignorant of the more mundane on goings of the world. Though I do love a good heist.

    Which reading a bit more, seems that this was anything but. Two men in masks walk in with guns and pull the paintings off the wall. Where's the Nylon ropes from the sky light, the false briefcase to nonchalantly walk out of the museum with the painting under arm, or the dramatic chase in color coordinated Mini Coopers? The world remains mundane.

    I guess Chuck Jones didn't do a litho of the Madonna, but Munch himself did.

    • violentbloom says:

      I think it's just some ten year reunion gag. hey boys let's get together and steal the scream was such a blast last time.

      • injector says:

        But the 1994 thief made a statement through his lawyer that he didn't have anything to do with it.

        Actually it isn't even the same painting, the one stolen in 1994 is the one that most people think of, the one pictured in the Art History 101 books. The one stolen this time is the egg tempera version. There is also a third, held by a private collector.

        I'd be checking out that collector, maybe he wants to catch them all.

  2. tfofurn says:

    Those wascals!

  3. googoobaby says:

    hmm, I can see it now. First the children of Chuck Jones hire men to get rid of the real Scream and then they just so happen to have a rendition of their own to replace it. How convenient.

  4. *snort* I love it!