Presidential Debate Bingo!

Hit reload
each time you print: the squares are randomized each time.


14 Responses:

  1. icis_machine says:

    this will enhance my debate drinking game concurrently going on.

  2. jenlight says:

    That's pretty great.

  3. mactavish says:

    My favorite so far is "bad intelligence."

  4. sschmitt says:

    Oh sweet Jesus you have made my day. Thank you.

    My fav: Zombie Reagan.

  5. kchrist says:

    Plus they make great LJ user icons!

  6. nugget says:

    This just rocks. Thanks for the MLP.

  7. elysiumcore says:

    heh heh. GREAT!!

  8. gfish says:

    We played 4 of them and didn't get a single bingo. Bah.

    • rzr_grl says:

      Topic-specific debates make Bingo tough. I suggest making it a drinking game instead!

      Sadly, I saw this after the debate. Next week! (I was even watching it at a bar.)

  9. say it loud
    damn there are too many people who dont realize this
    way to go