Ocular Lactation Fetish

Turkish Man Squirts Milk From Eye 9.2 Feet:

Ilker Yilmaz might just hold one of the world's most bizarre world records. The Turkish construction worker on Wednesday poured milk into his hand, loudly snorted it up his nose and squirted it 9.2 feet out of his left eye in what he hopes will be recognized as a new world record.

"I'm happy and proud that I can get Turkey in the record book even if it's for milk squirting," said the 28-year-old. He says he is among only a handful of people around the world who can perform the feat because of an anomaly in his tear gland.

The Web site for Guinness World Records says Mike Moraal of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, set the existing record, of 8.745 feet in France in 2001.

Yilmaz said he has known for years that he could squirt liquids out of his eye, but only three years ago found out that there was a record for squirting milk.

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18 Responses:

  1. schnee says:

    That's bizarre, to say the least. o.o

  2. quercus says:

    CUT TAG !!!

  3. britgeekgrrl says:


    Cut tag for those of us browing at work on the sly?

  4. rawdogue says:

    I'd be more impressed with lemonade.

  5. autodidactic says:

    I can;t imagine the kind of eye infections that dude might be courting. All I can think of is the unpleasant sensation of curdled milk in one's ducts.

    Perhaps if he did it afterwards with really strong bourbon...


  6. sschmitt says:


    Didn't somebody already do this on David Letterman a few years back?

  7. xtat says:

    cool i just vomited that far

  8. I don't know if they're still around, but one of the members of the Tokyo Shock Boys was famous for doing this.

  9. loosechanj says:

    How exactly is that "a record" and not just a stupid human trick?

  10. dygel says:

    Kinda looks like an episode out of Bukakke Fights Back or something.

  11. j_b says:

    Not to be outdone, some guy in India in trying for Guinness fame...

  12. taffer says:

    Man, I am so sick of Olympic coverage.

  13. googoobaby says:

    This is a "diet picture" right? I mean you want to lose weight but you're hungry so you look at this picture of a while instead of eating.

  14. thats awesome!!!