keeping the streets safe for naked yoga

City prosecutors on Wednesday said it was not illegal to perform naked yoga in the city - even at the crowded tourist destination of Fisherman's Wharf.

Prosecutors dropped charges against a limber nudist, known locally as the "Naked Yoga Guy", who made a habit of striking yoga poses in the buff in order to promote a book and his lifestyle. The Naked Yoga Guy, whose name is George Monty Davis, had stripped to stretch near Fisherman's Wharf, prompting a public complaint. But prosecutors decided they had a weak public nuisance case against him because local laws do not bar public nudity.

"Simply being naked on the street is not a crime in San Francisco," said Debbie Mesloh, a spokesperson for the district attorney's office.

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20 Responses:

  1. loosechanj says:

    That's it, I'm definately coming to visit your fine city now.

  2. pixiecup says:

    I clearly do not belong here in the Midwest.

  3. ex_sjc says:

    This is...good?

  4. anti_tim says:

    Great, now we'll be seeing more Cat poses than usual at the Folsom St Fair this sunday....

  5. reify says:

    "Monty". Heh.

  6. baconmonkey says:

    does goatse count as yoga?

  7. jwz says:

    We can be thankful (for once) that this article did not include a photo.

  8. valdelane says:

    local laws do not bar public nudity

    That reminds me — years ago at Gay Pride and the Folsom St Fair cops required females to wear pasties or tape over their nipples but didn't seem to mind or notice genital exposure. What was that about?