I want one

I don't speak the mysterious moon-man language, but I can only assume that this is for planetary defense against atomic supermen:

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  1. recrea33 says:

    that is one SERIOUS digging machine

  2. buz says:

    I saw this thing on the Discovery channel (or somesuchrot) on Modern Marvels(?). It chews up oil/coal enriched dirt and (not counting things like the Saturn 5 or the www as "machines") is the "world's biggest machine". Compare the scale of the Saturn 5/Space shuttle "Crawler" thing

  3. It seems to be Finnish.

  4. treptoplax says:

    Oh, it's all good until the disgruntled operator locks himself in the thing and goes on a rampage!

  5. pragma says:

    I've had this jpg of a somewhat smaller scale... this thing... for a while. In patrol mode.I don't remember where it is from, and I still don't know what they're for. I think I saw one in "The Lorax".

  6. autodidactic says:

    ...and in a parallel universe, Survival Research Labs gets all the funding they will ever need. Meanwhile, the U.S. Government digs in the couch cushions for spare change.


  7. jarodrussell says:

    In his native tongue, his name means "Devatator."

  8. tfofurn says:

    Mount it to the top of DNA and program it to go after taggers and frat boys.

  9. jameel says:

    Sweet jumping Primus, it's like Omega Supreme's angry brother!

  10. charles says:

    The bad news is that it transforms into a giant robot, and for some reason can only be piloted by teenage girls.

  11. omarius says:

    Time to set up machine: 14 weeks

    Time to dig hole: six seconds.


  12. gargargar says:

    My guess is that it's a rotary cultivator, and the Finns intend to plant seeds the size of volkswagens in order to grow a beanstalk to the moon. Then they'll win that space elevator prize for sure!

  13. jacen says:

    It warms my little heart that things like that can even be made.

  14. pvck says:

    I had heard that Skinny Puppy was putting more funding into the visuals in this tour, but I had no idea.

  15. gargargar says:

    Alas, I am informed through various and disreputable sources that the device pictured above is a bucket-wheel coal excavator.

    Perhaps it'll degenerate into another "Tremors" movie.

  16. kyronfive says:

    I, for one, welcome our super-sized-death-machine masters.

  17. scosol says:

    nice- i saw the discovery thing a while back too-

    i dont recall it being coal-exclusive, but its a big mining thing-
    it pretty much does what it look like it does- chews through stuff with the rotating cups- and i remember it being disturbingly agile for how big it is (the blade part, not the moving-on-the-ground part)

  18. Throwing it through a translator yielded this:

    Motif bishop sundry diagram and link. Here is gadget , jolly attain Turku eventually removable Suomesta:


    While is satan Turku off , feel chant easily opastuksen too. Lit there some muukin tale only those befall superfluous. Now is thursday. It know it that tomorrow is friday and ego rebuff holiday. Meen ceiling poliisihuutokauppaan fillareita. Ainiin. Meillä is 18.9 living-room. Interpret meille. Play and inquiring if lest science where settle and if is unohdettu ask

    Which says a lot about online translation programs. Or about the Finnish. Or indeed about our robot masters.

    • jwz says:

      How you say? "Groovy?"

    • In 7th grade I spent several months in Finland. I tried to learn Finnish. It made my head explode. Fortunately, Finland being a modern European nation, nearly every school kid spoken fluent English.

      I'm mightily impressed that anyone's masochistic enough to attempt machine translation of Finnish.

  19. edge_walker says:

    It's a brown coal mining machine. Maybe they should be called "harvesters". I've seen two of them in reality during a school excursion years ago — I live in the Ruhrgebiet.

  20. nosrialleon says:


  21. jwz says:

    More here and here and here and here...

  22. ammitbeast says:

    This sucker screams "The Earth is my Bitch!"

    Sure wish it fit in Master Fry's replicator... damn, I want my own.

  23. dfb says:

    How often (and how far) do they move one of these things? Makes a guy wonder how they get it past the power lines you can see in the distance.

    • nezhit says:

      one such pretty for each side of the powerlines, i suppose :)

    • edge_walker says:

      Belated reply, but I thought I'd give an answer: one of them may be moved between coal digging areas every couple of years, maybe once a decade. The last time was a few years ago, and most of the current pictures on the net seem to be of that event. It took three weeks to make the 22km distance.

  24. terras says:

    It's the new F*rd Evacuation AUV (Assault Utility Vehicle). It comes complete with a blade attachment to clear a path through pesky traffic, or the occasional mountain range when you want to go "off the beaten path". Also standard is the one touch autounloader, to allow rapid unloading of your recent haul from the SuperMegaMart, or all your worldly possessions in under 30 seconds.

    Executives stated: "All our market research pointed toward Gen Y wanting a vehicle that could truly encapsulate all the experiences of their life, from birth to death."

  25. jhf says:

    Yeah, I've got one of those.

  26. ivorjawa says:

    I have recently been made aware of Combine Demolition Derby, but damn, that pales in comparison to the concept of having two of these things going at it.

  27. fluffity says:

    Just in case you'd ever wondered, now you know how strip mining is accomplished.

  28. thestove says:


    There is something about the spice, and there eye's, the freeman all seem to have blue eyes.


    It is here!, pardon if qutoe is incorrect.

    Kind Regards,

  29. robling_t says:

    Man, Yoko Ono's "art" installations pieces just keep getting weirder and weirder...

  30. googoobaby says:

    tar sands, the dirty energy resources that we are left with after oil can't sustain us anymore.

  31. movingfinger says:

    That's what I'm taking to Burning Man. Kneel, soi-disant artistes and mud-covered yoga weenies!