Enemy of the State!

A friend tried to look at my Hawaii photos from a US Army network and got:

The requested page is currently unavailable due to the rating of its content (miscellaneous questionable, tasteless, profanity).

Sweet! That's my tax dollars at work!

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24 Responses:

  1. phreddiva says:

    Ok, what the hell is this dog testicle link I was supposed to click but didn't because I'm a terrible friend?

  2. loosechanj says:

    "miscellaneous questionable" should just about cover umm, everything on the interweb.

  3. dzm6 says:

    "While we believe that you can be trusted to carry out your instructions to kill and kill and kill and kill, we do not believe your fragile psyche can withstand the rigors of foul language on teh intarweb. Please kindly refrain from attempting to access areas of teh intarweb that poorly rated content."

  4. xenogram says:

    Maybe your whole site is blocked because of the general black-rubber, PVC and sarcasm content. That sort of think is kinky and seditious you know.

    I wish there was some way you could access these various lists of blocked sites. Some of the sites there must make fascinating reading.

    Some countries have laws that allow you to compel the disclosure of non-classified government material. Can you do that in the US?

    • j_b says:

      "black-rubber, PVC and sarcasm"

      Now that's tagline material.

      • xenogram says:

        You can never cover everything in a one-liner though. I didn't even mention that one about the teeth. That's one of my favourites. Probably misc questionable too.

        You see why I think the blocked list could be interesting in spots.

  5. superlib says:

    Apparently the government uses WebSense.

    "miscellaneous questionable" and "tasteless" are websense terms.

    • marmoset says:

      Yes, the Army uses WebSense (says the ex-gubmint contractor).

      • starjewel says:

        ditto for the rest of the gubmint. ex-contractor as well. my department started blocking all of livejournal.com about a week before i quit. they took all the fun out of my daily downtime, the bastards.

    • xenogram says:

      Damn. It looks like they block stuff in their "danger zone" semi-randomly. I was was hoping that it was all really salacious and interesting, or at least disgusting* (actually, I don't really want to see the disgusting bits).

      * Like that picture of the guy with the horribly distended anus. I've never seen that directly, only indirectly, like a reflection of the medusa. People seem to like photoshopping it into star-scapes and stuff.

  6. jotunheim says:

    Is JWZ on a government blacklist for goatseing people?

  7. violentbloom says:

    haha remember all that bullshit about getting to your "questionable" bookmark links from the netscape people page?
    the fbi probably have you on some special list

  8. smokedamage says:

    i am sure you are listed as an "enemy of the state"