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  1. aris1234 says:

    Is the DNA smoke free?

    • regor says:

      It's in California.

      • aris1234 says:

        Ah, ok so all of CA is smoke free then? I'm in the UK - wishing all venues here were smoke free too :-(

        • kehoea says:

          Come to Ireland--standard pub closing time 23.30, Thursday-Saturday 00.30, plenty of late licences 'til 2 to be found, all work places are smoke free, Sterling is stupidly strong so the second most expensive country in the EU won't seem that expensive to you. You may get a bit of aggro down the country if you talk too loud with an English accent, but there are enough second-generation Irish people in the UK that even that's easing off.

          • aris1234 says:

            I'm fairly certain we'll have smoke-free pubs in the UK in the next few years. Smoke free restaurants perhaps sooner.

            • kehoea says:

              Hmm, and if there's an accent missing on the first part of your user name, you probably know the situation in the Republic pretty well anyhow.

              Someone told me at YAPC::Europe that Liverpool may bring in a smoking ban locally pretty soon. I have to confess I'm sceptical that a UK-wide ban will happen during Labour's current tenure, because of the nanny-state criticism it'll engender--look at the shit being stirred up as they try to ban hunting. The Tories have the non-nanny-state street cred to implement it as a measure to cut NHS costs; but they would have to get elected, and get some clue, both of which seem pretty distant prospects at the moment.

              • aris1234 says:

                I agree - but after the election it'll be introduced slowly. I'll bet first in restaurants, then later in all public places.

                If anything though - after the next election.

  2. icis_machine says:

    figures. the one day your incredible marketing gets me to buy tickets and merchandise, you announce this poop. thanks.

  3. naturalborn says:

    Back in the day I thought it would be really cool, if I ever got a bunch of money, to invest some of it in the nightclub scene.

    Thank you for serving as a warning to others.

  4. brad says:

    I betcha my authorize.net pain dwarfs yours.

    • fo0bar says:

      Do not talk about pain. I worked with verisign's payflow pro back in the day.

      • divelog says:

        Payflow, ha we've been using that since before verisign bought it. Trust me though, verisign looks great compared to Echo (www.echo-inc.com). I just got done writing payment processor that can use either, so I win.

        • fo0bar says:

          God, is there any CC processor that doesn't totally suck ass?

          • divelog says:

            All signs point to 'No'. I don't think it's the processors' fault though, the whole way credit cards work is assnine in the first place.

            • Expand further on this assertion, you've managed to intrigue me. How are CC's assinine?

              I believe you, I'm just curious...

              • brad says:

                The protocols the banks give to the processors is just plain broken.

                Oh, like:

                -- there's no way to "unhold" (unauthorize money), so users think you're stealing money from them because they see it on their statement, even if you never took it ("captured")

                -- no notifications/events of chargebacks or bounces

                -- you can void payments sometimes, or refund other times. hard to figure out what you need to do sometimes.

                -- after an AVS failure (which happens AFTER an authorize), you can't redo that authorize. You can't JUST do an AVS check. (address verification service)

                -- much much more!

                • Yeah, I was aware of the "hold" and "refund" problems... I've certainly seen those happen personally :-).

                  This is another one of those problems where de facto standards, once entrenched, stay forever broken, I guess. Kind of like HTML ;-).

              • divelog says:

                What he said, plus
                - No standard for a programtic API. Some processors expose the low-level stuff, like voiding, marking (read: verislime), some dumb their api down.
                - Some processors "mark" each transaction immediately, some only do it once every 24 hours.
                - Each credit card company actually takes and has different requirements for what information you collect and what is required.
                - Explaining all this shit to a customer using our software is damn near impossible, so it makes us look incompetent.

                I could go on about this for hours....

    • jwz says:

      In technical details, it surely is. But at least you have actual employees you can yell at about shit like this. I have a gaggle of semi-volunteers whom I can't rely on in the slightest. (Remember the part where I don't like being a sysadmin? Yeah, ha ha ha.)