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Not only is The DaVinci Code not very good, it's being accused of extensive plagarism. But oops, Dan Brown sued first. (Brown's previous book also sounds like a real winner: the NSA are the good guys, and the EFF are trying to hax0r them with w0rms! painful summary, longer review.)
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  1. kallisti says:

    And both are just re-hashes of "Morning of the Magicians" and "Holy Blood/Holy Grail". Back when I was going through my Deryni phase, I read a lot of that stuff. Interesting. Christianity would be a much more interesting and friendly place if they had allowed those concepts tobe incorperated into their dogma.

    I personally don't have any dogmas, being an Erisian, I only keep catmas.

    • thesliver says:

      The Holy Blood, Holy Grail book and its cousins though are presented as being factual. The Da Vinci Code is just an inept attempt at presenting them in a fictional form, scrambling some of the 'facts' at the same time.

      Even if it isn't a plagiarism on a grand scale, it is one of the worst books I've read for a very long time. The caricaturing of the police, French and British is straight out of Edgar Wallace, and perhaps this earlier book is also similarly inept.

  2. badger says:

    Hadn't heard about the lawsuit or the plagiarism claims in either direction, but I have a copy of Perdue's _The DaVinci Legacy_ that I read when it came out. When everyone last year insisted Brown's book was original and creative I just started throwing either _Holy Blood Holy Grail_ or _The DaVinci Legacy_ at people until they went away.

  3. sethg_prime says:

    I am reminded of Green v. Lindsey, 885 F. Supp. 469, in which a midlist SF writer sued a best-selling romance writer for stealing her plot. She lost. (In the opinion, which doesn't seem to be available online for free, the judge remarked: "The claims made in this case require a more detailed examination of these works than their literary merit would either warrant or induce.")

    When I read The DaVinci Code, any last vestige of suspended disbelief crashed to the floor when I came to the author's assertion that DaVinci had invented public-key cryptography. You see, DaVinci had invented this scroll case with a combination lock that destroyed the contents if you dialed the wrong combination; this, as far as Brown is concerned, is "public-key cryptography". If I worked for the NSA, I'd feel insulted that a nudnik like this was on my side.

  4. torgo_x says:


  5. stenz says:

    His books are god awful.
    I had never read them, but with all of the buzz, I thought I would pick one up just to see what people were talking about. I was at a used book sale and bought Digital Fortress for $0.25.
    I got home, read about 5 pages of it and then got up and threw it out - waste of time and money right there.

    I was intrigued at first because I saw that Brown went to Amherst College which is the major rival of where I went to school. I figured he was likely smart and it might make for a good read - apparently not.

    Not sure if the guy is actually retarded, or if he and his editors dumb things down so that it can be a bestseller.
    But now when people talk to me about how much I should read the DaVinci Code, I just kick them in the genitals and then proceed to tell them they are stupid - you know, class act sort of stuff.

  6. wilecoyote says:

    I saw "Digital fortress" the other day at my local megabookstore, and after what I had read here, I just had to take a look at it. In addition to what has already been said, there's a part of the book where a character is in Seville doing some sleuthing work, and as part of it has to call several "escort agencies". The names of these agencies are just priceless: "Mujeres España", "Escortes Belen" (yes, "escortes"!)...; basically, the kind of names that an american hack with just the most superficial idea of Spain would come up with.

    (Not to mention the part where a virus is suspected of infecting NSA's codebreaking supercomputer, or the part where the main character is a complete Mary Sue, or...)