cabinet meeting


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  1. ninevah says:

    Oh gawd. Can't stop laughing.

  2. grahams says:

    I needed that. Thanks. :)

  3. cvisors says:

    pure gold... I have been needing a laugh all day :)


  4. supersat says:

    "I'm attacking the darkness!"

  5. whumpdotcom says:

    "No Donald, you cannot torture the kobold for information."

  6. patrick says:

    Damn, the games they play have got to be the coolest in the world. I bet george is a killer dm.

  7. endquote says:

    What are the 5.25" floppies there for?

  8. transgress says:

    god youd think as leader of the 'free-world', after 4 years at some point he would've taken some classes to help with the silly faces. Or at least stop allowing camera's everywhere he goes.

  9. psymbiotic says:

    Save vs. Republican. :D

    Egan >:>

  10. diminished57 says:

    I just love how deep in thought Powell looks. lol

    (Also found in som_pos community)

  11. pggmilltn says:

    "Then Trogdor Smote the Kerrak, and all was laid to burnednation. He he he, I made a funny"

  12. quercus says:

    GW Bush as the DM ? You think that guy really knows what's going on ?

    BTW - Scary conspiracy for the day (confirmation either way very welcome): GWB is a member of the infamous "Skull and Bones".

    And so is Kerry!

    • fzou says:

      Actually, they're not any more. Bush was kicked out in the late eighties when he gave up drinking alcohol -- if you can't participate in the ceremonies, you can't be a member -- and Kerry lost his membership when he married someone who'd been married before, ie Heinz.

    • srattus says:

      he'd be a total montie hall GM.

      "so like.. there's some treasure here. uhh. [rolls]"

    • cygnata says:

      According to the History Channel, it was true. His father got him in. Only three presidents were in it, and while I forget the name of the third, they were all sucky ones, iirc.

      Secret society, my ass. You'd think intelligence would be part of the membership criteria. ;)

    • schlaukraft says:

      as a matter of fact, this is the first election where the skull and bones members are from the same class/year. we've had s&b prez's for a while now.

  13. pvck says:

    I'm glad to see at least that the leaders of the free world play 1st Ed.

  14. tnjade says:

    "I attack the gazebo."

  15. darna_moon says:

    So funny! Can't breath.........

  16. feuerkugel says:

    Unfortunately, Dubya probably considers gamers to be a bunch of devil-worshipping evil doers.

  17. divamanda23 says:

    Does he have to be dungeon master because it is his house?
    Thank you for the laugh.

  18. _ogmios says:

    Nice. I especially like how they're using the first edition MM.

    Also, I'll bet he's the worst DM ever.

    • mckitterick says:

      Heh. Dubya: "You miss." "What do you mean, I miss? I'm using my Hackmaster +12!" "I rolled and it says you miss. So shut up. No, in fact, because you brought that up, you die. A big rock falls out of the sky on yer head. I'm DM, so shut up and take it."

  19. ebony14 says:

    "So, y'all descend into the depths of the dungeons of the Evil Warlord Saddam ...."

  20. skyknyt says:

    "Okay, you enter Iraq... you're attacked by a Terrorist!"
    "What?! That's ridiculous, there are no terrorists in Iraq!"
    "There are!"
    "NO! Right here in the rulebook, it says that Saddaminator doesn't get along with the Terrorist Leader!"
    "Fine! I cast a fireball at him!"
    "But there are civilians present!"
    "They might save."


  21. ciderclaus says:

    Donald : man I can't belive my army faild its move silently check, they'll totaly notice me invading Iraq.

    Dubbya : well my monster's are 40th, level they'll kill all the party if you don't give me the treasure.

    Colin : time to cheat my hit points.

  22. Cant . . . stop . . . laughing . . .

  23. loli_cat says:

    Oh yeah! Gonna use that as my wallpaper at work when it comes close to November! ^_^

  24. daemonnoire says:

    "Rock falls! Everyone dies!"



  25. flaggerkatt says:

    Bloody brilliant. Have trouble stopping laughing right now...