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If you were me, you would be giving strong consideration to attending the following shows. Arrows indicate "highly recommended."

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Tackhead, Tino Corp

The Tackhead show last night was fantastic! I was hesitant about going, since I only have two of their albums (Tackhead Tape Time from 1987, which I like, and Friendly as a Hand Grenade from 1989, which, eh) but exoskeleton and joeradio talked with such reverence about previous shows they'd seen back in the Jurassic, I figured I had to go. And they were right: they were definitely one of the tightest bands I've ever seen (which you'd expect, once you know the resumés of the people involved.) It was not an "industrial" show by any stretch; they were mostly a funk band. If you have the chance, do not miss them.

The opener was Tino Corp (the current project of Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto) who, to my great shame, I hadn't gotten around to seeing live until last night. They, also, were a lot of fun. It was really interesting watching the division of labor between the two guys: Dangers had a pile of gear on which he was doing the basic beats, and Stokes was layering on top of that with what was, as far as I can tell, the Emergency Broadcast Network Video Sampler! Great stuff.

Musically, Tino Corp was doing stuff that was much like the later Meat Beat (Subliminal Sandwich, etc.) I pretty much lost interest in MBM after 99% (I liked them when they were an industrial rap band, not when they got all ambient stoner dubby) but I've seen them many times (as MBM) in their later period, and they've always put on a great show.

Also of note was that the sound system at The Independent is very good; it's so much better than it was when it was Justice League or Kennel Club.

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