ATM keypads

I assumed that ATM keypads were just plugged into the PS/2 port. Apparently not!

The ATM keypad:

If that seems like a lot of trouble over a numeric keypad, you haven't cracked open an ATM lately. The modern "PIN entry device" is a physically and logically self contained tamper-resistant unit that encrypts a PIN within milliseconds of its entry, and within centimeters of the customer's fingertips. The plaintext PIN never leaves the unit, never travels over the bank network, isn't even available to the ATM's processor: malicious code running on a fully compromised Windows-based ATM machine might be able to access the cash dispenser and spit out twenties, but in theory it couldn't obtain a customer's unencrypted ATM code.
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gadget review

  1. You may recall that a few months back, I bought a Gerber Recoil multi-tool to replace my Leatherman Wave and found the Gerber to be sorely lacking. Well, the new fall line is out now, and I just picked up a Leatherman Charge Ti, and it is the Best Tool Evar. It's very much like the Wave, except that all the interior tools lock, and it has a replacable-bit socket set. The scissors seem better too. It is truly a thing of beauty.
  2. I also picked up a Hobson bike seat, which has independent ass-cheek suspension. It's very comfortable! I've had other split-seats before, but they've always still been closed at the front; this is a lot better. Your package gets to just dangle in the breeze.

  3. Please STFU about the open-a-Kryptonite-lock-with-a-bic-pen thing. I know. I know. I know. I've been sent that like fifty times already. I'm getting more mail about that than I got about the fucking casino spammer. Knock it off already. (And no, I doubt that's how.)

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