time for the bi-annual bicycle theft

Yes, it's that time again: the time where our indiginous crackhead population reminds me never to get too attached to my bicycle. This time it was stolen from in front of Metreon. I think I must have fucked up, though, since the lock was still locked around the post I chained it to, so the best explanation is that somehow I managed to completely miss the bike with the lock. I mean, I've only been locking up my bike once a day for my entire life. After so short a time, it's easy to get that wrong. But the only other explanation is that someone had a master key, and re-locked it just to fuck with me, which seems more than a little unlikely.

Our score so far:

    Nov 2000:   stolen from outside the Market @ 3rd BART entrance, 5pm
    Jun 2002:   stolen from DNA Lounge back room
    Jul 2002:   handlebars stolen from outside netik's place, 4am
    Sep 2004:   stolen from outside Metreon, 7pm

Before 2000, I'd had the same bike since a theft in 1991 or so, which was a pretty good run.

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