The LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh

The LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh:
"This morning the authorities entered the home on Babson and found it deserted, the floors slick with mud and seaweed. On the computer was the LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh, with a notice reading `Update Successful.'"
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18 Responses:

  1. recrea33 says: owl hooted through the rain
    that was soaking itself into my skin,
    who was this zachary marsh?,
    and what did he have to do with the government?
    the questions were coming thick and fast like a advert break gone wrong...

  2. xenogram says:

    The link seems to be broken.

      • xenogram says:

        Odd. It must be just my corner of the internet that can't see that corner of the internet. I've had this sort of thing happen before; usually something to do with broken nameservers or lazy ISPs.

        • lars_larsen says:

          Yeah, it happens all the time. When an ISP accidentally broadcasts erronious BGP messages to other ISPs. It screws up the routing tables.

          Also, BGP is really vulnerable to denial of service attacks.

          • xenogram says:

            Yeah, I can read it fine at home. Different horrible corporation.

            • lars_larsen says:

              The internet is such a fucking kludge. Someone needs to fix it.

              Anyone who works at an ISP and deals with customers has to say this 10x a day:

              "Sorry, its not my internet, I cant fix it for you, bye"

  3. The last link posted was Subservient Chicken? Clearly there is a youth who has failed his SAN-check.

  4. belgand says:

    Cute. The mention of going to college at Miskatonic though comes a bit too early, at least, in my opinion. Playing it out a little bit longer might have been nice.

  5. 5tephe says:

    ...and can I also say: Thank God Lovecraft was born before the internet and blogging and splel checks.

  6. rcr203 says:

    Isn't that the plot to some crazy movie, like Dagoon, or something?

  7. crackmonkey says:

    I know it's supposed to be humorous, but it seems to falter against the (w)horde of *real* journals that are far more true and hilarious. I guess it would have been more funny to simply find all the people with "friend whore" as an interest and post entries at random from their journals.

    Hmm. Sounds like a python script waiting to happen.

  8. ioerror says:

    How many people actually get this when they first see it or if they even get it at all...