See? It *is* a religion of peace!

"Peace, bro! And uh, I wanna give a shout-out... to my homie Moqtada... You the man, dawg!"

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  1. go_team_ari says:

    congrats, you made it to #debian-devel.

    <dilinger> jwz got it all wrong, anyways. it's "you da man".

  2. waywind says:

    I always felt it was ironic that the Victory sign and the Peace sign look identical. You can only tell them apart by context- the context here is unambiguous, but there are situations where it's nearly impossible to judge which is being used.

    There is a slight difference between those two and a certain obscene gesture, though, and one that I've noticed some people can't distinguish. (You turn the back of the hand to the viewer, much like another obscene gesture.)

    • altamira16 says:

      I thought that was the point. The hippies took the G.I.s beloved victory song and made it their own and corrupted it in a way.

      • ciphergoth says:

        No, the V-sign insult is much older. Used to be very common in the UK, but over the last twenty years or so the one-finger gesture has almost entirely replaced it. Now *there's* cultural imperialism!

        • greyface says:

          The Insulting is palm back (towards oneself) the Victory/Peace V is palm forward. So, there are two gestures with 3 meanings.

  3. mcfnord says:

    that's a grenade in his peace-lovin' hand?

  4. xenogram says:

    Obviously it's not just american neo-cons who think they're the heirs of Winston Churchill.

  5. emeraldlake says:

    The V-sign as insult supposedly comes from Henry V's archers, who at Agincourt scored a famous victory over the French.

    Meanwhile, AC130 gunships dropping 500lb bombs in urban areas are demonstrating the awesome pacific qualities of another well-known monotheism.

  6. alierak says:

    I read that as shoot-out at first...

  7. transgress says:

    is it just me, or does the guy on the right look like he is a disgruntled sausage maker?

  8. octal says:

    Those guys are clearly not Iraqi.

    If they were, they would have had fingers on the triggers, waving the guns around unsafely, even while posing like that. While the finger position is not above the trigger (western standard), it's still on the guard, which shows he has a vague idea how gun safety works. I've yet to see a single iraqi do this.

  9. art_fu says:

    I don't think you get to flash the peace sign when you're holding a grenade in the same hand. That just strikes me as totally missing the point of "peace".