dnalounge updatelet

DNA Lounge updatelet, wherein you feast on photos of the Atomic Jungle.

If you were in the Bay Area last night, please post here and complete this sentence: "Despite your strong advice, I did not attend because _______________________________." Use both sides if necessary.


look sir! droids!

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dns omg wtf

We're in the process of changing registrars on the various jwz/dna domains (to Domain Direct from Verisign/Register), and rumor has it that there has been some pooch-screwage in the process. It all looks fine to me, but I'm on the inside, so who knows. Are www.jwz.org and www.dnalounge.com working for the world-at-large?
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xscreensaver 4.18 out now

XScreenSaver 4.17 4.18: mostly a bug-fix release, though there are two new hacks (anemotaxis and memscroller.)
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life imitates Neuromancer again: aquatic razorgirls

Nike permanently affixes goggles to Olympic swimmers' eyes Ryan Block wrote:
"If you're planning on swimming in the Olympics, you've got to be prepared to go the extra mile to shave off a few hundredths of a second off your time. It's not enough to have laser remove all your body hair and wear rubber band underwear anymore, now Nike wants you to use their latest drag-killing device, the strapless water goggles. How does it work? Two independent goggle lenses get afixed to your eye sockets with medical-grade adhesive (read: superglue). Say, while you're at it, why don't you just get your toes and fingers sewn together like a duck?"
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Ninja Tree Rats

This one's been making the rounds; I did some searching and wasn't able to find an origin or attribution. Pretty funny, though...

Evil Squirrel: "Picture a large man on a huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, and leather gloves, puttering at maybe 25 mph down a quiet residential street, and in the fight of his life with a squirrel."

Update: Apparently written by one Daniel Meyer, here.


dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein photographic evidence is presented, bad behavior is ridiculed, and your Sunday plans are made clear.

Beloved by The People!



Remember, "The president's feet are not to touch the dirt."

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The LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh

The LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh:
"This morning the authorities entered the home on Babson and found it deserted, the floors slick with mud and seaweed. On the computer was the LiveJournal of Zachary Marsh, with a notice reading `Update Successful.'"
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al-Qaeda Office Space

Inside Al-Qaeda's Hard Drive:

This was the man who that December would take $1,100 from me in exchange for two of al-Qaeda's most valuable computers -- a 40-gigabyte IBM desktop and a Compaq laptop. He had stolen them from al-Qaeda's central office in Kabul on November 12, the night before the city fell to the Northern Alliance. He wanted the money, he said, so that he could travel to the United States and meet some American girls. [...]

Messages were usually encrypted and often couched in language mimicking that of a multinational corporation; thus Osama bin Laden was sometimes "the contractor," acts of terrorism became "trade," Mullah Omar and the Taliban became "the Omar Brothers Company," the security services of the United States and Great Britain became "foreign competitors," and so on. [...]

    From: Ayman al-Zawahiri
    Folder: Outgoing Mail -- To Yemen
    Date: February 11, 1999

    Noble brother Ezzat ...

    Following are my comments on the summary accounting I received:

    ... With all due respect, this is not an accounting. It's a summary accounting. For example, you didn't write any dates, and many of the items are vague.

    The analysis of the summary shows the following:

    1. You received a total of $22,301. Of course, you didn't mention the period over which this sum was received. Our activities only benefited from a negligible portion of the money. This means that you received and distributed the money as you please ...
    2. Salaries amounted to $10,085 -- 45 percent of the money. I had told you in my fax that we've been receiving only half salaries for five months. What is your reaction or response to this?

    3. Loans amounted to $2,190. Why did you give out loans? Didn't I give clear orders to Muhammad Saleh to refer any loan requests to me? We have already had long discussions on this topic...

"What's this I hear about you having trouble with your TPS reports?" he did not go on to say.

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