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DNA Lounge update, wherein photographic evidence is presented, bad behavior is ridiculed, and your Sunday plans are made clear.

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  1. c0nsumer says:

    Gee, and I thought KMFDM sounded bad in the Detroit-area performances because of the horrid Royal Oak Music Theater. It's good to know they have spread the wealth.

    • ajaxxx says:

      likewise at the Metro in chicago. they actually didn't sound too bad once you put the earplugs in, but that's the wrong way to go about sonic engineering. with the earplugs out they were second only to Ministry in "wow, now my brain is bleeding" loudness.

    • No, they sounded horrible at the Odeon on Cleveland last year too. Well, not horrid, but too damn loud. The crowd was fun, and the band was pretty active onstage, but the sound was not up to par at all. I was glad to have my earplugs on me.

      The opening act was even worse, they sounded like pure noise, and not even in a good Throbbing Gristle kind of way... some forgettable metal group, all I can recall is the bassist taking his shirt off. Let's just say he could go to a furry convention without having to wear an outfit... ick. It got worse when the very attractive young lady next to me elbowed me and said in my ear: "I blew him last night, I'm a <insert name of band> groupie". How nice for her.

  2. gregv says:

    Huh. What were Orgy trying to charge? I went to their show in a NYC club in May for about $30 (after all the Ticketmaster crap tacked on) and they sold out the place.

    • jwz says:

      Tickets were $15 (+ $2 svc) and as of a few days before the show, we'd only sold 45 tickets, which suggested that 100-150 people were going to show up. I don't know how much they were charging the promoter, but those numbers made her panic. Looking at the Pollstar data, it seems that this year they'd often been getting around 300 people (except in LA where they got 1400.)

  3. ckn says:

    the one time i met kmfdm was after their (bomb) tour at Irving Plaza in nyc, and despite it being a good show and my girlfriend enamoured with the band they were the most arrogant pricks I've ever met. I listened to the webcast and you are so right, they did suck and the quality of the webcast was not all that. Good riddance I say. amusing update though.