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marcus132 brings us the official "Seed of Chucky" prophylactic!

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10 Responses:

  1. jcheshire says:

    When I was working at the radio station, Bride of Chucky was being released. Our promotions department received all of the standard swag the studio was handing out. They had Chucky condoms then too. Just wrong.

  2. "Made in Japan", why am I not surprised?

    What does the actual condom look like I wonder?

    • anthonypants says:

      Uh, that doesn't say Japan anywhere. It says:

      CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may
      cause allergic reactions. Made in Malaysia.
      Mfg. by Global Protection Corp., Boston, MA 02210

  3. valacosa says:

    I dearly hope this isn't the beginning of a trend: if something like this can put advertising on condoms, what stops Coca-Cola or McDonald's from advertising on a prophylactic?

    What a disturbing image…a condom with Ronald McDonald's smiling clown-face…

  4. scosol says:

    mmm yeah, get a *big load* of chucky...

  5. bneely says:

    Apparently, a letter Y with a point on the bottom instead of being flat constitutes an artwork copyright on a condom wrapper.

    • jackalson says:

      I though it was a subtle allusion to being screwed.

      Though whether they meant the encased product of heving to see the movie remains unknown.