Tangmonkey brings us:

" The Chipmunk Song [slowed down]". "Yes, hear Simon, Theodore and Alvin at their true speed, sounding respectively like an accountant, a hot-dog vendor, and a lunatic. Put it on repeat and you'll drift gradually into madness - it's like an acid flashback to fetal languor, the surreal sounds that filtered through the uterine wall."
Current Music: THE PAIN! THE PAIN!

15 Responses:

  1. kyronfive says:

    Awesome! This is what i imagine heroin is like.

  2. that's fairly similar to how <lj user="baconmonkey"> described it; he had to hear the chipmunks christmas song slowed down a zillion times while he was working on our DVD.

  3. loosechanj says:

    I don't think I'll ever get tired of that squirrel and his nuts.

  4. cacepi says:

    Dave sounds like God in "Real Genius".

    Stop jerking off, Kent.

  5. superlib says:


    I love you, man. You never fail to amuse.

  6. bazil says:

    Is that Jabba the Hutt in the song?

  7. chronovore says:

    I had a mess of these LPs when I was young. My record player had settings for 45, 33 1/3, and 16-something-rpm. When I figured out that Any LP sounded like Chipmunks at 45rpm, I tried the Chimpunks at 16-something.

    It sounded better.

  8. krick says:

    You can also get a similar effect by keeping the song at the same speed and just pitch shifting the vocals down like this...


    ...using the Pacemaker plugin for Winamp

    I love Pacemaker. With it, you can do fun things like this...


  9. naturalborn says:

    It's amusing to hear the parts which were in the original long version and the ones which were added at regular speed. Dave is a regular voice, as are a few of the instruments, interspersed in weird places.

    • jck says:

      I think half of the amusement for me was hearing their strain to ar-tic-ul-ate each syllable as they sung.

  10. jts3k says:

    here's some more half-speed chipmunks:

    check out "girls wanna have fun" - it's for serious!

    • pfister_ says:

      Good stuff, but "Girls Wanna Have Fun" is pitched down too much. After playing with the playback speed a bit, I'd guess that to get the proper chipmunk tone they pitch male voices up an octave, but female voices only a fifth.

  11. romulusnr says:

    thanks to you, or BB, or somebody who xposted this, i've been downloading Chipmunks songs and Pitchforking them down to 50% for the past week. Too bad almost all of them have the Munks in chorus; I want to hear more of them individually.