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Brown Equals Terrorist

Photo student tries to take pictures of a bridge in his neighborhood; gets hassled by small men with guns.

    "Look here. You see this?" Special Agent McNamara said, producing his badge. "This is a federal badge. We're not with the rest of them. We're federal agents from Homeland Security..."
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  1. ibyhms says:

    "we represennnt the homeland security guild.."

  2. lars_larsen says:

    I took photographs at richmond international airport of american F16s taking off on a CAP flight. And I was standing (intentionally) infront of the airport police department. Nobody even came out and asked me any questions. I felt cheated.

  3. pygmalion says:

    Ah ha! The evil doings and horrors I can plan with the photos of the locks posted on his site -hee hee hee.

    As G.Carlin said, "Bomb the brown people."
    I remember right after 9/11, a woman called the police saying an arab man was pointing a rocket launcher at the Golden Gate bridge. The police arrived to find a Mexican man holding a camera with a large zoom lense.
    People just seem to want to believe that the things in their life are important enough to warrent attention from terrorists.
    It seemed some were seeming quite sad they were not important enough to get blown up on 9/11. There was that huge terror watch that and the following days. People stood looking at the sky with fingers crossed.
    False sense of importance and need to be the authority brings out The Scary in people.

    • dzm6 says:

      "Nobody's out to get you. Nobody gives a shit whether you live or die. There, you feel better now?"
      —Dennis Miller

  4. belgand says:

    "This is a federal badge. We're not with the rest of them. We're federal agents from Homeland Security..."

    "Oh, ok. I'll try to speak more slowly then."

    Of course I don't believe it's strictly relevant in this case, but I think carrying around one of those little pocket-sized constitution/bill of rights booklets would be likewise rather amusing.
    "Yeah, just a sec, I've got a permit for this."

  5. valacosa says:

    Any Babylon 5 fans in the audience? Doesn't "Homeland Security" remind anyone of Nightwatch? You know, the whole terribly powerful / getting neighbours spy on neighbours bit.

    Homeland Security would have a field day where I am right now (Waterloo, Ontario), because every third person is Indian (As in, "of Indian descent", thanks a lot Columbus), and every third person is Asian. That's right, White people are a minority! Yes, I know "Indian" != "Arab", but I'm sure you'll forgive me if I don't expect the typical Homeland Security schlub to be able to tell the difference. JWZ hit the nail on the head: "Brown = Terrorist" to them.

    And remember! If you're driving alone, you're driving with Hitler! Saddam!

  6. batmite2000 says:

    Even though I'm pretty much crusty & white and not young & brown, I'm gonna start taking photos everywhere I go now. Ferries, The Golden Gate Bridge, Shipping. I like to photograph Police cars, too. Nothing is going to evade my small lense. :) We will see what happens.

    This just makes me a little sick to my stomach.

  7. cwillu says:

    The freedom from fear poster seems particularily appropriate...

  8. Sounds more to me like a guy with a persecution complex. Seriously, at the beginning of his diatribe what does he say:

    "To my understanding, even though this kind of stuff isn't admissible in court, I recognized that each background check is added to some undisclosed police file, and that any officer checking that file would have to interpret it."

    So, he's heard stories and FUD about some 'secret file' that the police keep around any time they talk to you? PUHLEZE...!

    WTF?!?! If you don't have anything to hide, why ACT like you do?!!? If a security guard came up and asked me questions, I'd show him whatever he wanted to see - and if I had some coffee with me, I'd offer him some - I have nothing to hide.

    Sorry - but this guy acted like he had something to hide - and that's NEVER a smart thing to do with a cop or security guard of ANY kind... You feel you're being mistreated, NO PROBLEM - after the guy gets whatever information he wants, find out who *he* is employed by and raise hell with his boss later...

    Speaking as a fellow Washingtonian, this guy is paranoid...

    • jwz says:

      You're right, we should all cooperate fully with any unconstitutional demands of the police, because They're From The Government, They're Here To Help.

      There's something at work here. It's called a "principle."

      • And you can exercise those "principles" in ways that AVOID getting a billy club shoved up your ass.

        But more to the point - This guy is pulling the race card. Sure his rights may have been abused but *he* is claiming it's because of his color. *I* am saying it's not - he just got picked out and decided to be argumentative about it.