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The Case That Must Not Be Named

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7 Responses:

  1. whizard says:


    But I already got a computer that sends commands straight to hell ...

  2. khephra says:

    Great idea, bad execution.

    • jwz says:

      It looks kinda blobby/messy, but I was impressed with the detail of the cutout pentagram-oid thingy.

      "Now is the time on sprockets when we bake the tentacles."

  3. ammitbeast says:

    Shouldn't there be several of them for Bruce Campbell to choose between?

    And I believe he has to memorize the special password and manual init commands. If he guesses wrong it boots into Windows 95 and unleashes hell minions and BSODs.

  4. exosuszero says:

    hey man you dont know me at all and i dont know you but uhh you think you could possibly send me ur overides cause i really like ur site adn that would be hardcore.

  5. callumf says:

    I'll agree with khephra -- nice idea, but they've done too much; they've tried too hard; the Elder Gods never dominated the universe by being this ostentatious, they had class, subtlety, finesse, and that certain I don't know what.

  6. neevita says:

    I just wanted to let you know I tossed you on my friends list. Thanks for posting interesting stuff. I got in touch via email a while ago after you featured a picture of me modeling that dorky strapon ipaq in your journal. Hope things are well.