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Olympic Athletes to Be Given Free Condoms:

"130,000 free condoms being made available throughout the Games. [...] In the Sydney 2000 Games, each competing athlete was given 51 condoms on arrival at the Olympic Village, but another 20,000 had to be shipped in when supplies began to run low."

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  1. mcfnord says:

    fifty-one? sheesh.

  2. I wonder if they award medals.

  3. linda712 says:

    I believe that's only 7.6 condoms per athlete this time.

    Based on the assumption that the 17,000 athlete total mentioned in the article are competing athletes.

    Perhaps there is a large contigent of non-competing athletes this time.

    • onceler says:

      Yeah, the "51" in the original article has to be a typo.

      5 sounds much more reasonable. The olympics only last a few weeks, and I know these are the world's best physical performers, but 51 times? Aren't they supposed to be spending some time pole-vaulting or something?

      • The point of the article is that that's exactly what they'll be doing.

      • billemon says:

        5? for "a few weeks"?? LOL. That's not a huge number. 51 isn't a huge number, for a few weeks, given that the *average* person according to surveys has sex more than once a week ...

        • onceler says:

          Yeah.. I was just doing the math. If 51 wasn't enough last time then why would they only give out 7 this time?

          Plus I overestimated the pole-vaulting. If the losers are hanging around (banging around?) the village after they're out then there's a lot more time for sex.

  4. irma_vep says:

    I thought the athletes didnt have sex when competing in games ? I heard that is how they keep their strength. I guess that is what makes these athletes Olympian.

    • ammitbeast says:

      You're forgetting the evening mixed-sex and same-sex graeco-roman wrestling matches. Though the lack of uniforms makes traditional scoring difficult, points are still awarded. Penalties are assessed for sloppy dismounts, too.

      Spectator participation is discouraged, but not forbidden.

      (Oddly, there's a strip poker event, but no other poker competitions.)

    • bikerwalla says:

      It isn't the sex, it's staying out all night looking for it.

    • Right after the Australian games I remember hearing about the condoms disappearing at a much, much higher rate after the swimming competitions were over, if that clears anything up for you.

  5. simmonmt says:

    see also this article about how (and how often) those condoms are used.

  6. belgand says:

    I'm told that many of them aren't actually used for sex (well, not at the Olympics at least) but are taken by athletes to be used in the future, because, hey... handful of free condoms.

  7. baconmonkey says:

    I can't believe Durex got that, and not Trojan, especially given the trojan games
    NSFW Video included...

  8. valacosa says:

    Do they also hand out T-Shirts saying, "Fuck me — I'm an olympic athlete"?

    I found this funny: "Randy Jones, a silver-medal-winning American bobsledder, remembers with disgust an American ice-hockey team trashing their hotel after they failed to win." That was 2002, Canada won that year. Sorry about that.

    • killbox says:

      makes me wonder do they have the olympic rings printed on them? perhaps the rings are used in other ways.. *shrug*

  9. This actually makes some amount of sense when you think about it. A lot of those athletes are knocked out relatively early on because they're not all that great by olympic standards (even if they are in incredible physical form), and then having nothing to do but knock about the Village with a bunch of other hard bodies with nothing to do.

  10. kyronfive says:

    Oh my god. There has to be an olympic sport i can qualify for.

  11. tjazz says:

    51 condoms for 2 weeks? That's not enough. When I was young, I liked to have sex 3 times a day. Since I'm no Olympic Athlete, I'm sure these athletes can do it many more times. Especially, since they all have great bodies.