oh those kids today

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  1. The second one suggests a disturbing possibility: what if Japan's followup to "gothic-lolita" is "gothic-furry"?

  2. ibyhms says:

    Only in japan would the morrissey hair style be popular. I bet those guys sing "how soon is now" karaoke nightly.

  3. autodidactic says:

    They only want you when you're seventeen...


  4. ultranurd says:

    The anime hair! It's invading reality! We've got to fight it... or Earth will be lost!!

  5. taffer says:

    I wonder if they have the ultra-pointy shoes, too:

  6. guyver3 says:

    yay malice mizer cosplay

  7. willco says:

    One wonders what they'd wear if they weren't going to a job interview.

  8. zapevaj says:

    Laugh all you want, but dreads like those will probably the new cybergoth-hair-extensions trend next year. I mean, hell, they're hideous- what could be better?

  9. You mean that wasn't a "Lift" night at DNA?
    Hmmmm....maybe I should lay off the psychedelics when I'm at work.....