Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics

Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics:
  1. A robot must risk his neck for his brother man, and may not cop out when there's danger all about.
  2. A robot must be a sex machine to all the chicks, except where such actions conflict with the will of his main woman.
  3. A robot must at all times strive to be one bad motha-shutchyomouth.
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18 Responses:

  1. shinobisword says:

    "Morphs into Shaft*

    Shut yo mouth!

    Free Gay Black & Latin Men Videos and Pics

  2. soozana says:

    Where the hell did you pull that from?
    So a robot has programmed morals?

    • haran says:

      At the risk of stating the obvious, this is just a take on Isaac Asimov's 3 laws of robotics

      • soozana says:

        No No No, I mean't what made you write it. Unless I missed something else you wrote previously.

        • injector says:

          How about I, Robot the Movie is in theaters now?

          • soozana says:

            Oh, haven't seen it and don't think it's screening in Australia yet.
            Ok then...I was just curious, it's not like it's detrimental to my health if i don't know.
            Thanks anyway.

            • rockywuff says:

              I'm afraid that "Will Smith VS. The Killer Robots" (as it would be more aptly named) might be decrimental to your SAN score however.. At least if you've read the book they lie about it being based on.

              • pdx6 says:

                I thought it was otherwise known as "MIBIII: I, Robot"

              • asan102 says:

                Erm, I saw it, and I'd say it's a really good adaption of I, Robot. Obviously not the same story, but it certainly feels like it could have been one of the stories in I, Robot. And It had a lot of things Asimov's story didn't have, like believeable, somewhat-realistic characters and a non-textbook approach to emotion.

              • nelc says:

                So who wrote the novelization of the movie of the book?

              • mister_borogove says:

                Cut some slack: the end credits say "suggested by", not "based on", Asimov's stuff, which I think is fair.

  3. nightskywarlock says:

    That gives a whole new meaning to the term 'metal shaft'.

  4. kyronfive says:

    I'm... speechless.

  5. transgress says:

    hey uh cici, their still calling it the white house- but thats a temporary condition.

    • recrea33 says:

      i can dig it cici

      • transgress says:

        hehe i wondered if anyone would catch the reference, although its 'and if i dont comp its not mine to have', i.e. compensate, but yea ;]

        im not the only person in this section of the interweb that has listened to parliment funkadelic.

  6. stonemonkey says:

    The picture is on his "Black Moses" LP (gatefold). I wonder what Isaac Hayes' Ten Commandments are?