Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics

Isaac Hayes' Three Laws of Robotics:
  1. A robot must risk his neck for his brother man, and may not cop out when there's danger all about.
  2. A robot must be a sex machine to all the chicks, except where such actions conflict with the will of his main woman.
  3. A robot must at all times strive to be one bad motha-shutchyomouth.
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18 Responses:

  1. soozana says:

    Where the hell did you pull that from?
    So a robot has programmed morals?

  2. That gives a whole new meaning to the term 'metal shaft'.

  3. kyronfive says:

    I'm... speechless.

  4. transgress says:

    hey uh cici, their still calling it the white house- but thats a temporary condition.

  5. stonemonkey says:

    The picture is on his "Black Moses" LP (gatefold). I wonder what Isaac Hayes' Ten Commandments are?