historically accurate boobage

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  1. hafnir says:

    That's ironic, I heard her say in an interview she wished they'd have "enhanced" her in the promo art for the movie! Maybe in her own mind the above pics aren't enhancement....

  2. spider88 says:

    I'm equally freaked out by how much the shadowing changes her face and the thickness added to her hair.

    • did you notice the more flattering angle of the belly too?

      • violentbloom says:

        it's not the same picture, she's got totally different posture.. her back and hips are tilted differently or maybe I'm just hallucinating.
        but you know she's hot despite her lack of huge boobs

        • i agree, kiera is pretty regardless of enhancement.

          however, i do think its the same photo, only super photoshopped.

        • aerosolkid says:

          You'd be amazed what a person with some talent and photoshop is capable of.

        • The "different posture" is simple rotation of the photograph. The different facial bone structure/expression/makeup is actually pretty straight-up darkroom technique. (Performed in photoshop, but still mostly burn/dodge, not a whole lot of painting.) The boob job and tummy tuck are really skillful pixel painting, though. They basically repainted her entire braided leather top. Quite good work.

          FYI, here's a comparison of before and after using only rotation. Note that the head, hips, and bow don't really move.

          • xenogram says:

            The change in shadows around her shoulder makes her archery stance look better; in the original you can tell that her shoulder is rolled forward a bit.

            My and a friend were standing in the theater lobby admiring her stance. They got the little bits that a non-archer would miss right; the arrow is on the right side of the bow, shes using more or less the right number of fingers, standing right, and even the laces on her vambraces are tucked in.

            They often screw up archery in the movies, I remember years ago some old soldier writing to a magazine and complaining about how Jason Donnavan had his hand over the ejection port of his sten gun in a war drama. I guess if you know it really irritates you.

            • treylis says:

              My dad's into archery and I have some friends into it... man, if you think they mess with archery, you should learn about guns. It's one thing to have guns that have bottomless magazines or other such nonsense, it's quite another to constantly show unsafe gun handling--how many times in movies have you seen someone with their finger on the trigger all the time? This is one of the reasons why I liked the movie The Way of the Gun so much--the gun handling in it is the most realistic I've ever seen in any movie, mostly due to the fact that the director's brother, an ex-Navy SEAL, watched over things and made a bunch of suggestions. It's one of my favorite movies otherwise, too.

              Whenever I take friends out shooting for the very first time, I always start off with: "If you saw it in a movie... don't it, ever. It's wrong."

              • xenogram says:

                The one that really gets me is how the hero always stuffs his pistol down the front of his pants; where if it doesn't blow his todger off, it'll probably disappear down his trouser leg. Those things aren't light.

                Yeah anyway, guns are handled wrong, swords are handled wrong, scuba drivers don't need to decompress and neither do cosmonauts, cars explode on impact (which really upset a friend of mine when she was really in a car accident), movie stars only sweat in specific places (and never during sex), and there is a spectacular rubber-fetish nightclub in the old warehouse round the corner.

                • treylis says:

                  We in the biz refer to that particular style of carry as "Mexican carry". Yes, that's the official name. And no sane human being carries a gun without a holster that covers the trigger/trigger guard. And, oh my god, the fetishization of Desert Eagles...

                  Swords are handled wrong? You know, I never thought about that... I know jack about proper swordfighting and only a bit about knifefighting, though. The car thing just makes me cringe, hah.

                  If only there was a rubber-fetish nightclub in a nearby old warehouse. Around here to do anything you have to do a shitload of driving.

        • baconmonkey says:

          holy crap, that's nothing.
          A friend showed me the before and after pix he worked on of Britney Spears. posture was changed, tummy was tucked, arm-sag was erased, and about 100 other changes.

        • r2w says:

          it's same pic. I work as a photoshopper and it's amazing/scary the stuff we do, I like to call it playing god sometimes...

  3. momomoto says:

    I don't care how "under-endowed" she is. She's 100% hot biscuit.

    • crasch says:

      Indeed. Hot biscuit with gravy.

    • edge_walker says:

      And what about the guys who prefer less boobage?

      (Yes, I admit I am one of them. Well, what I really appreciate is good shape, but in smaller boobs that is more likely. Also, I am a fan of subtlety.)

      • momomoto says:

        There's no shame in it, that's for sure. I find smaller breasts to be very nice to look at, but all of my girlfriends seem to be quite well-endowed. Hmmmmm . . .

        • edge_walker says:

          I am not in the least ashamed for it. I just said “admit” because there seems to be a societal expectation of men to be huge boob whipped, making me, at least apparently, a deviation from the norm.

          Another issue that gets my goat is that women think they need to be skin-and-bones skinny — I am not turned on by obese, sure, but I don't care about every ounce of fat. Not only is there is too skinny, but what's sexy to the eye and what's sexy to the touch also often differ.

  4. flummox says:

    I'm B. Chas Parisher, and I hereby approve of this ad.

  5. mykwud says:

    there's NO WAY i can see this movie now that I know that it may contain a HISTORICAL INACCURACY. Way to ruin an otherwise fine film, Hollywood!

  6. loosechanj says:

    WTF PLZ OMG Y? With a bow??? FFS.

  7. I dont care if they enhanced her at all. She's gorgeous in real life as well as in the promos. I would do her in a second.

  8. mizalon says:

    You're shattering my dream of a big breasted Natalie Portman. :(

  9. marm0t says:

    Wow. It's not just the boobage. It's like someone used the "hottie" filter in Potatoshop.

  10. stephendann says:

    Look at the cheeks.

    In photo 2, she has the quad damage. The skin colour darkens, the chest expands, the stomach contracts and the character skin is obviously altered so the rest of the players know she's supercharged. In POTC:King Arther, it's a more subtle damage modified than UT2K4 glowing purple bow


  11. emeraldlake says:

    I too love Keira photoshopped or otherwise, and as she's likely to step up to become a fully fledged pirate in POTC2, I think we have a bona fide female outlaw icon in the making here.