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Kenya town kills 500 pigs for mating with dogs

NAIROBI, July 9 (Reuters) - A Kenyan mayor ordered more than 500 pigs to be shot dead because they were mating with stray dogs, the East African Standard reported on Friday.

A squad of town council guards moved from estate to estate shooting pigs roaming free in Nyahururu town, 95 miles north of the capital Nairobi.

Town mayor Muritu Karumba said he ordered Thursday's cull to avoid an outbreak of disease caused by the pigs and dogs mating, which he said broke the laws of nature and "caused unnecessary commotion."

But the unfortunate pigs' owners immediately cried foul, claiming collusion between Nyahururu's authorities and the town's bacon traders to cut competition in pork supplies.

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8 Responses:

  1. brad says:

    Can pigs and dogs produce offspring? Pictures!!

  2. effendi says:

    immediately cried foul

    Why did you have to bring chickens into this?!?

  3. suppafly says:

    i wonder why they just don't mate with other pigs..

  4. xeroyne says:

    geez, I thought only humans could "break the laws of nature"