cool sculptures

"Rabarama vision: painted bronze sculptures by Italian artist Rabarama sit in downtown Shanghai to promote the artist's exhibition that will be held from at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. (AFP/Liu Jin)"
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7 Responses:

  1. spritedreams says:

    those are awesome!!

  2. treylis says:

    The middle one reminds me of circuit boards.

    Also, FM Einheit is a god among men.

  3. kallisti says:

    Those are awesome pieces of art!


  4. ammitbeast says:

    "I hate the Honeycomb Hideout..."

    "Follow the maze to the sweet spot!"

    "Egyptian burial tomb refugee, 3rd Dynasty."

  5. I am doing a paper on the middle sculpture, of which i foolishly forgot to write down the name and date of. I'm in a real bind, and no pages really have offered detailed information about that particular sculpture. Just the genre in general, if you knew, I'd really appreciate you telling me.