consequently. pablo picasso. was never called a communist.

"This file contains miscellaneous references to Picasso's activities in connection with various subversive groups that were of interest to the FBI."
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  1. violentbloom says:

    consequently. pablo picasso. was never called a communist.: or how I learned to stop lying and use a bad photocopier and a sharpie.

    • willco says:

      I think they have a special copier just for FOIA reproduction. Some wheezy smoking crate from the 1970's, struggling along on life support, amidst the smells of ozone and that funky xerographic fluid they used before plastic-based toners.

  2. marklyon says:

    Obvioulsly, you people don't know exactly how much fun redacting can be.

    • dzm6 says:

      I've always suspected that redacting was done somewhat in the same way as the "bleeps" on shows like Maury Povich. What gets eliminated may have no value and no reason to be eliminated other than that it makes the surrounding content look salacious and it's fun to do.

  3. naelphin says:

    With all the latest technology you'd think that scans would be better than this. Hard to decipher and I get a headache trying to read the smudged text.

    I suppose it is one way to get around the Access to Information act: Scan it so badly so no one can read it.

    • thealien says:

      The original documents are probably somewhat ugly. Then they photocopy them, probably on a bad machine. Then they go over it with the special marker of no-photocopy. Then they photocopy THAT, which is what you get.

  4. Not like you