"Any text containing vulgar or offensive words or expressions; any text that might be slanderous or libelous to individuals and/or institutions."
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  1. nosrialleon says:

    I'm a total novice programmer.

    It's nice to see that I'm not alone in the foulness of my source-code commentary.

  2. I love finding comments like that in code I've inherited, because it means that I am not alone in Hell!. Someone has been here before and was in pain then, too.

  3. brad says:

    Have a fun day typing?

    • jwz says:

      It only took me about half an hour to type it in. I type fast.

      • brad says:

        I'd get bored after typing about 3 lines and take a nap.

        • jwz says:

          Spoken like someone who has never actually, you know, used OCR.

        • chaobell says:

          Unless there have been some major, major, major advances in OCR that I've missed, I find it's faster just to type the damn things than OCR them and hunt for/correct the OCR Engrish pee.

          • lovingboth says:

            For most books - lots of pages of nicely printed English text, the main bottleneck for me in OCRing them is the length of time the scanner head takes to return to the start position. If my scanner were smart enough to be bidirectional, it'd be the length of time taken to lift the book up, turn the page and plonk it down on the platten again.

            I wouldn't want to try it on source code though.

            • fzou says:

              A guy I know at one of the universities in Portugal mentioned that to archive vast quantities of printed media, they're using 15 or 22 megapixel digital backs attached to medium format cameras to record the information on a page, and then do severe hoo-haa to the resulting TIFF.

              Is TIFF->plain text OCR any harder than TIFF->PDF/other binary formats? I imagine that if you have sane contrast and knowledge of the kerning, that it couldn't be too hard.

              Perhaps the trick is to have the money to afford medium format backs and the endless number of manhours found in a university.

        • loosechanj says:

          He said it took him half an hour to type it in. I'm betting it would have taken roughly half a month to correct all the errors OCR would generate.

  4. rosefox says:

    That's beautiful. *) Thank you. I'm so tempted to forward it to the professor who once dissed me for naming variables "Fred" and "Wilma" and never leaving comments to explain what they did (I didn't care because it was a school project and no one else was ever going to see the code). "See just how bad it could have been if I had left comments? Aren't you glad I didn't?"

  5. cabrius says:

    The worst I could find in the company source tree was a few 'damn's. We fucking suck. :-(

    (I thought I'd found a couple at first, but it turns out they were in the Boost and OpenSSL libraries.)

  6. abates says:

    Computer programming is such a mellowing profession. Sadly I think Open Source is killing the art of comment profanity.

  7. ammitbeast says:

    Thank you for that, Jamie. You are a god among men. Or something.

    Sniff. Makes me long for a glimpse of the toxic tower. Or at least a quick down-wind whiff of it. (Daddy needs a fourth eye and a third nut.)

    Oh, yeah. Fuck you, too.

    Warmest Regards,

    Some Fuckchop

  8. fzou says:

    So tell us the trials you went through to get them to placate you with respect to your views on mail signatures.

    And, for a dead pigeon, it sure managed to fart wetly for a long time!

  9. xenogram says:

    Damn, I don't have enough vulgarity in my comments ...

    ... damn, I've got bugger-all comments to have vulgarity in.

  10. down8 says:
    ns/cmd/winfe/winproto.h              // Read in the user's sig and do Jamie pacifying crap to it

    My favorite.


  11. flipzagging says:

    /* Wow, how's this for object fucking oriented? -- jwz. */

    Everyone else is mumbling obscenities to themselves, and here you are making wisecracks and signing them.

    They say great programmers use code as a medium for self-expression.

  12. terryray says:

    Thank you so much for finding that, Jamie. My carefully preserved paper copy continues to hide from me.

    I still haven't found my mind, but at least Macs have gotten somewhat better.

    - Terry

  13. jkonrath says:

    Wow, I wonder who had so many problems with Motif.

  14. coldacid says:

    I'm surprised that hack had to be sanitized. Or sucks.

    • jwz says:

      We can't blame the laywers for that one -- those doing the sanitization really went overboard. Most of them tended to rip out anything that even remotely suggested that maybe the code was less than perfect.

  15. thirdwired says:

    Now I know where all of the slimy comments went that I've never written into JavaScript source.

    I'm so fucking relieved.