Google fails me. Surely one of you knows:

  • Can I put a 20' extension cable on a Playstation2 controller without problems?
  • Where can I buy such a thing? I can't find anyone who sells cables longer than 7'.

I could just chain a few sevens together, but I'd like some verification that it works before spending the money.

Update: I hate every last one of you. Have you done this thing? If not, kindly stop flapping your lips! I don't care what devices you'd build if you were me. If you were me, you'd hate you too.

Update 2: For the record: controller plus 7' extension cable: works. Controller plus 10' extension cable: works. Controller plus 7' plus 10': completely fails to function. Likewise for 10' plus 10'. Perhaps a single >10' cable would work, if such a thing existed, but chaining multiple extensions together doesn't work at all.

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It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

Skin Bag:

Material: synthetic human skin
Colour: available in all shades of human skin colour
Tatoo personalisation: name, sentence, logo
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