what if we threw a protest and nobody showed up?

There are at least fifty really bored looking riot cops standing around in front of Moscone and Metreon right now. I think that stantions outnumber cops by at least 5:1. And there are no protestors at all.
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  1. structurefall says:

    i find the idea of "bored riot cops" inherently amusing.

    was there SUPPOSED to be a protest today?

  2. baconmonkey says:

    that would be an interesting tactic to reduce police presence at a real protest... Just keep leaking info to police about fake protests, complete with web pages that nobbody else gets sent, and eventually, they'll get tired of showing up en masse to bogus protests, and be surprised when an actual protest occurs.

    • riffraff says:

      combine that with smart mobs/flash crowds:

      all the cops show up to a fake protest advertised only to them. stand around looking like idiots for a bit, and then a flash mob materializes, laughs at them, then disperses. for maximum effect, make sure that everyone's watches are synchronized, and that the laughter only lasts ten or fifteen seconds.

      • hepkitten says:

        can you guys stop leaking all our new ideas before we can implement them


      • susano_otter says:

        Protests are successful only if people show up. This requires accuracy and openness during the planning and scheduling phases of the protest. Anybody wishing to spoof the police with believable false time and place info would end up spoofing most of the protestors, too.

        Also, protests are usually linked to some specific event or location. Good luck trying to convince the police that the WTO protest is going to take place the week after the WTO conference, on the opposite side of town from the WTO conference center.

        Also, flash crowds exploit communications technology to plan large gatherings on the spur of the moment. Given that the police start the game with a very good idea of where and when protestors will be protesting (that specific time and place I mentioned above), a very well established communications network (police band radio has been around forever), and a lot of practice responding to emergency service calls (911, precinct dispatchers, four-alarm fires, &.c), I'd lay money down that "flash crowds" would be met promptly by "flash riot cops".

  3. hepkitten says:

    i demand pictoral evidence post haste.

  4. violentbloom says:

    question is why was it still blocked off at 630pm? the conference wasn't even going on at that point.
    if only I could have cloned myself I could have protested *and* attended the conference at the same time!