Today in Horror of Empire news

Oh, there's all kinds of stuff to feel bad about today:

  • Presidential Powers:

    "To protect subordinates should they be charged with torture, the memo advised that Mr. Bush issue a 'presidential directive or other writing' that could serve as evidence, since authority to set aside the laws is 'inherent in the president.'"
  • Welcome to America:

    "'So you're a journalist,' he said, accusingly, and for the first time I sensed that, in his eyes, this was not a good thing to be. 'It seems that we will probably have to deport you.'"
  • Bill of what?

    "Next month, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will become the first transit agency in the nation to institute a permanent policy of randomly inspecting passenger bags and packages on subway and commuter trains, MBTA police officials disclosed yesterday."
  • But in bread-and-circuses news, that kooky old man with the funny hat thinks Dubya is the Antichrist:

    "The pontiff wishes he was younger and in better health to confront the possibility that Bush may represent the person prophesized in Revelations."

    So at least there's that.

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15 Responses:

  1. idcmp says:

    Usually Fridays are <lj user="jwz">days where cool stuff floods in. So what are you procrastinating from otherwise doing?

  2. ioerror says:

    In response to the top link, I suggest you read this write up. It has a pretty good take on what's entire wrong with that.

    Regarding the MBTA, I can't even wait to see that get to MUNI or BART. There is going to be a lawsuit list a mile long.

    • companyman says:

      Makes me want to spend the day riding around on the T with a bag that has been sown shut, or otherwise modified to have no opening.

      Petty, yes. But still amusing.

  3. autodidactic says:

    Jack Chick thinks the Pope is the Antichrist.

    The Pope thinks that W is the Antichrist.

    W thinks Saddam is the Antichrist.

    W probably gets his religion from a Chick tract.

    It's like someone farted in the room and everyone's blaming the dog.

  4. splashed says:

    An Australian reporter was refused entry to the US a few months ago as well.

    • wsxyz says:

      I read the article about the detained journalist a few days ago.

      It does seem like treatment of people denied entry into the US could be better but I can't quite bring myself to feel sympathy for her, since the law clearly requires a journalist visa for journalists and she didn't have one.

      She pleads ignorance. But since that's not an excuse for anyone else, why should it be one for her?

      • ioerror says:

        I can't quite bring myself to feel sympathy for her, since the law clearly requires a journalist visa for journalists and she didn't have one.

        Oh fuck that!

        Did you catch how the other countries that require reporters to have special visas include the likes of the Saudis and Iran?

        If people from the UK don't need a visa and she has been coming here for years, it's logical to think that ignorance on her part should at least get her out of the *CAVITY* search, if not a visa waver.

        I don't care if it's the law, it's wrong. We are silencing journalists because we are fast becoming like the other countries I previously mentioned. We have "ministries" just like they do, only here they are called the FCC, the FBI and HomeLand security.

      • jwz says:

        Oh, how about:

        1. The law had never been enforced before, even on her, so it's not exactly unreasonable of her to not know about it.
        2. It's a monumentally stupid law.
        3. Also, what <lj user="ioerror"> said.
        • wsxyz says:

          • I agree that the law is stupid and unnecessary.
          • I don't agree that it it "wrong". I don't see any moral issue here as long as actual journalists can obtain visas with minimum hassle.
          • Ignorance of the law won't prevent me from getting a ticket if I turn right on red in a city where it's illegal. Why should be be a cop out for journalists?
          • Whether other countries require or don't require a journalist visa is completely irrelevant.
  5. Actually, the Anti-Christ is supposed to be a great peacemaker; he will be a false Christ (not "against-Christ" as the modern reading of Anti- implies) and will bring peace and unification to the world (Revelation 13:7 "... power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.") until his schemes are revealed. Then he will turn against these nations, exploiting their peace and unification, and destroy them, and any who recognize the danger and seek to fight him shall be derided as bloodthirsty warmongers.

    However, if GWB is the Antichrist, we should look for him to be forced from office in July, 42 months after he took office in January 2001, according to Revelation 013:005 ("... power was given unto [the beast] to continue forty and two months.")

    • ioerror says:

      42! No wonder it's the meaning of life, the universe and EVERYTHING!


      Unless gets thrown out this month or next, it's going to be a much longer time frame. If only it was a full four years in the bible, then EVERY president of the USA could be considered the anti-christ until their second term!

  6. patrick says:

    authority to set aside the laws is 'inherent in the president.

    Man, with power like that, I bet GWB would even be able to lie about having sex!

  7. But in bread-and-circuses news, that kooky old man with the funny hat thinks Dubya is the Antichrist.

    And I (as do many others) think the man in the funny hat is the Whore of Babylon...

    So what's your point?

  8. phygelus says:

    I misread that as "to protect suburbanites should they..."