The Corporation

We saw The Corporation tonight -- it's great! Go see it. It's playing at The Castro until next wednesday.

(Previous Godwin-soaked flamewar here.)

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3 Responses:

  1. hissilliness says:

    I actually thought that "flamewar" was informative and constructive. Guess my standards aren't high enough...

    • flipzagging says:

      At the very least it revealed the meme-plex people have around the concept. Which is, IMO, rather silly in most cases -- especially "my" side, the left.

      We in Soviet Canuckistan got to see it way back in January (and by the way, it's still playing in first-run cinemas here). I think the filmmakers' greatest success is in making the familiar seem strange.

      No matter what the inclination, left or right or libertarian, I noticed people walk out with the a new idea: the corporate form of organization, as we know it, isn't inevitable.

      Of course all you jwz readers are supergeniuses who can comment on films without seeing them. If you have a pro-corporate flame brewing in you, you could put it here....

  2. jakemadison says:

    there are actually 3 "starbucks across the street from a starbucks"'s here in vancouver.