SUV takes plunge

SUV takes plunge:

Pat Campanella, left, and Affordable Towing and Recovery owner Devin Statts discuss how to get Campanella's SUV out of Katherine Peacock's pool in Hawai'i Kai. Campanella was giving his wife a driving lesson when she overcompensated and drove into the pool.
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  1. ivorjawa says:

    So many SUVs, so few swimming pools.

    A shame, really.

    'course, that pool looks like it could hold two or three.

    And then you pour the concrete ...

  2. kespernorth says:

    Wow. I wonder if it could ever be made to work again, if they did manage to get it out.

    • crasch says:

      The electronics will probably need to be replaced, and it's going to be a bitch to dry out the upholstery, but it should otherwise be quite possible to get it working again.

      • simmonmt says:

        My guess is that the insurance company will simply write it off. There's a whole bunch of stuff in that car that'll be electronic, and which may have gotten fried. You'll still need to test everything. I'd be surprised if the upholstery wasn't just replaced outright. Not necessarily the plastic mouldings, but certainly the roof liner, the carpet on the floor, the seats, the lining under the floor.

        And then there's the engine. The engine compartment won't have been sealed in that class of vehicle, so, at the very least, you're going to have to drain, check, and refill *everything*.

        My guess is that it isn't much use as anything other than a source of spare parts at this point.

        • companyman says:

          You're probably right. One of the more common reasons for a salvage title on what may otherwise look like a perfectly good car is "flood damage" - be it cars at a dealership during a hurricane or flood, or something like this.

    • drbrain says:

      A wrecker like the one in the background will have no problem lifting the SUV straight up out of the pool. Typically they're used on things like overturned dump trucks.

  3. decibel45 says:

    I'm surprised there's not apparently any SUV fluids leaking into the pool...

  4. adaptively says:

    Them damned women drivers.

  5. kallisti says:

    I keep on seeing those signs on the road when I travel saying "Car Pool", finally I know what they look like!


  6. loosechanj says:

    I imagine it's actually pretty damn hard to drop into the pool that precisely.

    • drbrain says:

      Its possible that the SUV had some bouyancy before coming completely submurged, allowing it to land upright. Notice how the fence is knocked down, but the SUV is not positioned accordingly.

      • hawke666 says:

        I don't see any knocked-over fence. There's a diving board, and a stepped retaining wall. I don't see anything knocked over though.

        • drbrain says:

          I'm really just guessing, since I doubt that they would leave their swimming pool in plain view of the street. The wooden fence between the wrecker and the street ends suspiciously abruptly. Also, the foliage on the right of the picure makes me think that there's more plants in that direction, including the rising cinderblock-looking wall around the edge of the patio.

          I could be completely wrong.

          • hawke666 says:

            Yeah, the fence does end pretty suddenly. But it doesn't look damaged, and there's a bush immediately at the end of it.
            There's also the diving board and the exit ladder there, as well as some plants which should've been mashed flat. And (though I can't be sure) the ground there looks like gravel, so there should be ruts. So I'd agree it's possible that it came from that way, it seems pretty unlikely that it knocked down part of a fence w/o damaging the rest, missed a bush and two other plants, missed the diving board and ladder, and then floated 90 degrees from its original orientation.
            Of course, I too could be completely wrong.

            • asan102 says:

              It looks to me like there are a few evenly-spaced poles after the end of the fence, suggesting they purposely took off the fence there to get the tow truck in. I really doubt the SUV knocked one section of fence out, drove through that garden and hopped over that retaining wall before hitting the pool. It seems much more likely that it came form the other direction. Besides, unless the wind was really strong, I don't think it would turn around in the water before it sank - especially with the doors assumedly open so the people could get out.

              Anyways... Giving his wife a driving lesson?? Huh?

  7. j_b says:

    Poor SUV looks miserable.

    Humans = bastards.

  8. stenz says:

    She overcompensates, drives SUV into the pool.
    When going to buy a new car, he of course will overcompensate and buy a Vette.

  9. notabouthim says:

    One SUV. Good condition. One lady owner. Runs well. Might have a little water in the carburetor...

  10. jabber says:

    He overcompensated for his small penis by spending the kids college fund on an SUV.

    She in turn overcompensated for marrying an insecure prick by driving his mid-life crisis into a pool.

    All's fair in love and driving.