Gene Simmons video of his cover of Firestarter. Yeah, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect.
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  1. ammitbeast says:

    Gene Simmons was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air a while back. I missed that and tried to catch the archived Realaudio version. I can't remember what he'd done that had placed him back in the news at about that same time, but I was curious.

    But... "Simmons declined to give permission for this Web site to offer audio of his interview, or sell tapes or transcripts of it."

    What is up with this? Is Simmons really that much of a prick?

  2. drsmax says:

    I'm having a hard time trying to imagine what could possibly be worse. So far all I got is this: Sylvester Stallone doing a video oh his cover of Firestarter.

    • tokkan says:

      Oh, I could think of some things that're worse.

      Most of them involve furries, though.


      • ammitbeast says:


        Hey, wait. I have a furry mane so that makes me...

        • tokkan says:

          Yeah, but I think being the Devourer is an exception to the rule for furries, because it's one thing to be a humanoid ocelot that has sex with a three tailed skunk, but it's an entirely different thing to consume the hearts (or was it souls? it's been a while) of the sinful.


          Or something.

          • ammitbeast says:

            The ancient Egyptians considered the heart the seat of the soul... well, that's perhaps an oversimplification considering that they believed humans were comprised of seven soul-parts (ka, ba, etc.).

            Anyway, eating souls is much easier these days since most people who now wind up in the Underworld are New Age wankers with no concept of the proper prayers needed to avoid heart gobbling. Yes, it's true -- an AmmitBeast could starve in the ancient days of The Two Lands since Egyptians had the art of prayer protection down to a science.

            Very Catholic of them, I must say.

            (But furries were always gobbled, regardless.)

    • pigpogm says:

      ...Madonna covering American Pie?

    • endotoxin says:

      Richard Simmons doing a "Sweating to Prodigy" video.

    • baconmonkey says:

      what about filmore slim doing a cover of "Smack My Bitch up"...

      or Yoko Ono doing a cover of, well, anything.

  3. pigpogm says:

    A middle-aged gardener called Keith could do better.

    Oh, wait...

  4. jerronimo says:

    I know you correctly said Gene Simmons, but somehow, I read Richard Simmons.... who is a very different person. heh.

  5. grahams says:

    Here I was, waking up on a sunday morning, thinking I couldn't possibly hate Gene Simmons more, and then this...

  6. bitpuddle says:

    Oh, good God.

    I'd love to have been a fly on the wall while planning that video.

    We'll need women in bikinis for the video.
    Yes, great idea that would be killer.
    We could have them dancing around a pool.

    • icis_machine says:

      they've been playing the promo commerical around here to help generate sales. part of the video for that song is shown. that's how i ended up cringing and had to stop watching tv for a good 2 days out of fear.

  7. nosrialleon says:

    Richard D. James already made that video. And it was funnier.

  8. kraquehaus says:

    I never really thought I'd see Gene with his bling goin' on.

  9. scosol says:

    wow- i was half with it until he opened his mouth-
    now i'm mentally blocking the rest of it out

  10. kiad says:

    I'd like to be one of the first to welcome our RoboTuna Masters:


  11. mrmustard says:

    Remarkably unpleasant.

  12. chrome_halo says:

    oh my, that .. . was just so sad.