raddest hat evar

Update: <LJ-CUT text="oh, it gets even better">Oh, it gets even better!


26 Responses:

  1. abates says:

    That's no hat, it's a space station!

  2. rosefox says:

    Why is there a suction-cup dildo attached to the wall to her left?

  3. violentbloom says:

    think those tits are real?
    or maybe they match the hat!

    • jcheshire says:

      i'm glad i wasn't the only one questioning those tits.

    • crasch says:

      Could be real:

      Wacoal's[Japanese lingerie manufacturer] most recent survey, released the end of April, compared the figures of 312 women's chest measurements taken in 1987, 89 and 91 and compared them with 261 women measured in 1999-2001. It noted that while there was no increase in the women's heights, the size of their breasts showed considerable increases -- of between 9 to as high as 21.3 percent.

      "I suppose the main factor in breasts becoming larger is women's increased ingestion of cholesterol, which serves as the basic material in female hormones," says Dr. Mitsugu Shika, director of the Yokohama Yuai Clinic. "Estrogen improves the body's synthesis of fat, and makes breasts appear luscious and buoyant.

  4. crasch says:

    Guess who didn't read the directions on their sinus medication?

  5. irishmasms says:

    It is all about the shrooms! Long live the asian shroom heads with big boobs! w00t!

  6. fantasygoat says:

    I like it with the audio commentary better.

  7. ammitbeast says:

    "I'll wager 3,000 quatloos to save the busty Asian Earthbabe from being eaten by that monstrous Pilsbury Doughboy on acid."

  8. jes5199 says:

    mpeg of the girls
    site redirects you if you have outside refer tag. i'm sure you can figure out how to get around that.

  9. kidfortoday says:

    i'd wear that shit

  10. twicebitten says:

    oh my god - i need that hat