mmm, soup

Narcotics police in southwestern China shuttered 215 restaurants found to be mixing opium poppy into their soups and hot pot stews, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday. Dishes at the restaurants in Guizhou province contained varying degrees of the opium derivative morphine.

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  1. mrmustard says:

    There is an old Chinese folktale about a village during a time of famine. Nobody had any food, but a wise old man filled a kettle with water, placed it in the center of town and dropped a rock in it. He was expecting people to start contributing the food that they had hidden to the soup but nobody did. Then he took out some opium poppies and said "We may have no food but we have these" and he dropped them into the soup. Everybody ate the soup and grew happier. Then they all went back to their houses and got the food that they had hidden and shared it. There was plenty for everyone... because of the drugs.

  2. pygmalion says:

    You think they will open a chain store here soon?

  3. dzm6 says:

    In the big scheme of things is this better or worse than using MSG?

  4. lars_larsen says:

    Opium Tea tastes like shit. Its horribly bitter. Even adding enormous amounts of sugar doesnt cover the taste.

    I can see how you'd need to put it in a stew or a soup to cover up the taste.

    Its a good idea. Mmmmmm morphine soup. I bet the only reason they got busted was that they were wildly popular.

  5. autodidactic says:

    Reminds me of old apocrypha I heard in youth... certain pizza joints you could order from that would put the "special" mushrooms on, or a side of hash candy.


    • pfrank says:

      There was apparently a restaurant in my city (Ann Arbor, Michigan) where the chicken special was actually acid. Don't know if it's true or not, but Ann Arbor in the 60's.. I wouldn't be surprised.

    • cyeh says:

      Nachos have extra kick
      BOULDER CREEK, Calif. - The nachos served at a local restaurant had more than tamales to spice them up.

      Two waiters were arrested Feb. 6 and charged with dealing drugs out of a Mexican restaurant. Police uncovered an operation in which customers looking for drugs would sit in a specific section of the restaurant and order chicken nachos.

      A Santa Cruz sheriff's department spokesman said the two waiters would take the order and then pick up the money that was placed inside a napkin on the table. Marijuana was then wrapped in the napkin and returned to the customers. Cocaine was delivered in tea bags.

      Gabriel Mendez, 36, and Magdaleno Mendez, 32, were arrested after the sheriff's office received an anonymous tip. They are due back in court Feb. 27.

    • tfofurn says:

      Damn. I would swear I remember hearing about a drive-through at a fast food place that used "extra napkins" as the code for marijuana. I'm having trouble finding a trustworthy account . . .

    • editer says:

      A guy driving the airport shuttle a few years ago said a friend of his once pulled up to the local drive-through burrito place late one night and, being hungry and not picky, just told the speaker thingie, "$10 worth of whatever you got", and received a nickel bag in his food. The driver said he tried it himself but it didn't work.