it's not fair to tease like that

Kerry invited Aspen resident and writer Hunter S. Thompson to ride in his motorcade and brought three copies of Thompson's book about the 1972 presidential race, "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail" for autographs.

"Just to put your minds all at ease, I have four words for you that I know will relieve you greatly," Kerry told the fund-raiser. "How does this sound -- Vice President Hunter Thompson."

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11 Responses:

  1. mattholland says:

    i'd vote for kerry like, ten times if hst was his running mate.

  2. fzou says:

    Kerry's advisers say Colorado could be won by a Democrat again this year because of the growing Hispanic population and jobs losses under Bush.

    What was that about HST and the barrios of LA? No wonder his peacocks having been carking it recently.

  3. drreagan says:

    "We can't vote here. This is bat country."

    • ammitbeast says:

      Ah, ha ha! Good one.

      It's good to know Kerry has a sense of humor.

      As your attorney I advise you to vote. Often. And buy more grapefruit.

      I assume carnivorous plants will be members of the cabinet?

      Indeed. Bad craziness.

  4. acroyear70 says:

    "Vice President Hunter Thompson"

    and all of a sudden, doonesbury (with its Duke 2000 campaign) just gets more and more real as time goes by...

  5. remaker says:

    OK, what we need now is

    - The Kerry/Thompson '04 bumper stickers

    - The campaign slogan

    The mind reels with possibilities....

  6. fdmts says:

    I would pay a lot to see Thompson debate Cheney.

  7. transgress says:


    Thompson has some of my most favorite email quotes! lol, i love reading stuff by the guy. It's too bad that kerry was only kidding.

    I saw a bumper sticker recently that said something along the lines of 'remember when all we had to worry about was our presidents sex life?'

    Dude I would pay good money to watch thompson slip the un hits of acid!

    He had that rare weird electricity about him -- that extremely wild and heavy presence that you only see in a person who has abandoned all hope of ever behaving "normally". -- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson