I, for one, welcome our new raptor-bot overlords

Troody, a robotic troodon. It squeaks like a Terminator when it walks! MPEGs:
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10 Responses:

  1. Completely sweet.

  2. xxv says:

    A robotic pet raptor would be so much cooler than an Aibo... "Rappy: go fetch the nice robopuppy. No, you can't eat it, you're both robots..."

  3. jerronimo says:

    More like it squeaks like it has squeaky shoes when it walks. hehe.

    Damn impressive...

  4. retrodiva1 says:

    Ok that's pretty cool! Love the music with it. It's also pretty creepy to think of that thing with a bit of dermplast rapped around it.

    And yes it does squeak like Terminator. :o)

    • deeptape says:

      And they have a company to build more dino-robots! Good luck to them.

      The music in the second video is 'Halcyon + On + On' by Orbital, one of my favorites. : )

  5. flipzagging says:

    Why a put a raptor's head on this?

    Because you wouldn't link to a giant robotic chicken.

  6. Look at the way it walks, though -- it looks like it's in terrible pain. Poor giant carnivorous robot!