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Now, aside from the fact that it would be Illegal And Wrong, I'm kind of surprised to find no evidence that someone has yet taken MAME and every ROM, and burned a PS2 DVD that contains the entire output of the arcade industry in a Playstationable form (it would all fit, or nearly.)

Is this because it's nightmarishly hard to author PS2 discs? Or do I just not travel in the right circles to have heard about this artifact?

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  1. loosechanj says:

    IIRC, the PS/2 can't read burned CDs.

    • from what i understand of how DVD writers work there's two classes:

      - consumer class burners
      - professional authoring burners

      The consumer grade ones cannot write to the CSS key portion of the disk, and consumer media is prewritten with all 0s, or something equivalently useless.

      The professional burners CAN write to that portion, but cost more (likely mostly artificially).

      I'm not sure how this works for unencrypted, professional DVDs, at least one of which I do own. Because it definitely works in a PS2. So maybe there's some other field.

      In any case, there should be writers available to do this sort of thing, but they'll cost a lot.

  2. jerronimo says:

    I'm sure it's been done, it's just not distributable.

    also remember, it takes about 4+ dvds to store all of the current mame games (4000+ games)

    Personally, I'd love a PS2 SCUMMVM disc loaded with all of the awesome Lucasarts SCUMM games. (Monkey Island, Loom, Sam and Max, Day Of The Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis, Full Throttle, etc...)

  3. spikenheimer says:

    hmm. maybe i'll have to load up my modded xbox with all the roms i can find for my mame setup.


    oh and i justify my purchase of a microsoft hardware product by the fact that they lost $100 when i purchased it. heehee. (this was back when they lost $100 each one they sold)

  4. yekop says:

    The way (as I recall at least) PS2 cds work is that the initial bits on the CD which are set to some random nonstandard sony string that it checks for. CDRs have these bits set up already as 'I am a CDR by such-and-such manufacturer' so they won't work. Once this is verified at boot time the PS2 is very forgiving, so if you can rip the tray open without pressing eject you can swap a real disk for any old CDR.

    Producing an unauthorized CD is doable: Just ask the Action Replay guys, who produced commercially a PS2 disc without authorization. The bigger problem is the very small amount of ram the PS2 has, crippling its ability to place most of the games produced in the last 5-6 years.

  5. well, it's sure been done on the dreamcast.

    a certain *cough* local video game store out here in eastbayland actually -sells- such discs at a tidy profit, thus saving the buyer the effort of traveling in the correct circles.

    <lj user="eastbaysteve"> has actually built a MAME cabinet in his garage with a massive butt-ton of games and even wrote a neat little GUI to choose them. it rules greatly.

    i will now go back to searching for the "fresh chocolate chip brownies" ROMs and the "instantly cure viral infection and clear sinuses" ROMs i keep hearing so much about.

    • jwz says:

      I think I'd like to have a MAME cabinet, but I have not yet decided that I want one badly enough to a) learn woodworking or b) spend $4k.

      • thestove says:

        Sup, I dig..

        I personally have ALL roms, i also went to some trouble to get all versions of them, your right it is a little bit of a gold mine, but i do run the roms off my old DreamCast using a Mame client, pretty simple really... just burn your roms onto there package and away it go's, you may also end up with a few cd's but hey its purely because of the volume of roms that you may have..

        For PS2, there is a mame client same deal burn away and just choose carefully what you want, For reading Copy'd DVD's i dont see why it couldnt read the DVD's i havnt try'd it.. but that's because i dont have a DVD burner, if you want the roms, dont ask me for them, just tell me where i need to put them, and the clients as well.

        There shit clients. If you can do a better job from the source than PLEASE..

        its about 6 gig or so and i doubt that's all of them.. but there are some that fully suck.. best part about it the old Amiga Games work as well. so you can IK+ till your hearts content.

        anyway.. i have no life.. or much of one either way..

        I agree.. it has something to do with royalty's and the amount that one would have to pay if released such a DVD(s).

        oh but you need ps2 chip, but the xbox is much better for writing hacks.


      • lars_larsen says:

        You could go to an auction of old arcade games. Often the games are broken and go for next to nothing.

        People often try to get 2 identical nonfunctional games, so they can combine parts to make one working cabinet worth more than they spent on the broken ones.

        You could just gut a broken cabinet, and maybe make use of the old buttons and joysticks. And no woodworking! :)

      • krick says:

        No need to spend anywhere near that much...


      • jackbrinks says:

        >I think I'd like to have a MAME cabinet, but I have not yet
        > decided that I want one badly enough to a) learn woodworking
        > or b) spend $4k.

        Woodworking? Make a cabinet out of pipe (or Kee Klamps) and plexiglass that matches your CD rack and bookcase.

      • ch says:

        I suspect a local cabinetmaker would make you what you want for much less than $4K.

  6. j_b says:

    http://www.us.playstation.com/peripherals.aspx?id=SCPH-97047 Linux kit

    http://playstation2-linux.com/projects/xmameps2 XMAME

    (Disclaimer - I haven't purchased ps2linux and tried this yet, but I know it exists.)

  7. fourcoffees says:

    Nearly fit? MAME is 12 gigabytes now, and growing.

  8. taffer says:

    My MAME directory (for 0.82 on Windows) is just under 9GB... so you'd have to drop some stuff. Maybe the 4,000 identical 2D fighting games for the NEO-GEO, and all the stuff that doesn't emulate 100% yet.

  9. keithkml says:

    I've seen something like this for the Dreamcast and a game boy emulator,but not MAME.

    • kw34hd1 says:

      the one i saw is called nesterdc. my girlfriend got a copy of the disc somewhere, her version has 1100 nes roms on it (one dreamcast disc).


  10. scosol says:

    hahaha- the short answer is that because the xbox is so much better for this type of thing, little-to-no effort has been spent on the PS2.

    Seriously, check out http://xbox-scene.org/ forums.

    For about $250, you end up with a box that can view pics, play movies over an nfs/smb share, "backup" xbox games, and run all the emulators-

    my computing needs have devolved in to a modded xbox and a powerbook :)

    If you could legally buy a modded xbox with a tuner and pvr functionality, they would live in every broadband house in existence :D

  11. greatbiggary says:

    I have all MAME in existence right now, and am looking into cabinet options. I don't want the standard giant box with 2 sticks, though. I feel people build them because of the nostalgia and relative simplicity of making what amounts to a wooden packing crate. If I go the giant eyesore box route, I'd actually be more interested in things like the rotating panels idea(s):

    http://www.1uparcade.com/arcade-const-panels.html (3 panels)
    http://www.the-mametrix.com/index2.htm (3 panels)
    http://www.homestead.com/xiaou2/arcade.html (6 panels!)

    side-note: I used a Wingman Wireless recently, and remapped the 2 analog sticks to the various MAME move/fire directional sticks so I could kick it old school with Robotron. It was even more easy and fun than with the stand-up box directional sticks, since I have way more control over my thumbs than my now limp and useless arm muscles (computer job atrophe). It's best played while listening to "Freezepop - Robotron 2000" on loop: http://www.freezepop.net/

    If you want to build a cab, but not be bothered with the enormous size and costs, you can simply reduce everything:

    It's the best of both worlds, and you won't be slighting your midget friends.