green sweat

Green sweat puzzles Chinese doctors

A Chinese man has been seeking medical help after his sweat turned green. The man from Guangzhou first noticed the problem while moving furniture with a friend. He claims bright green liquid began pouring down his arms and forehead.

But so far doctors have been left puzzled by the appearance of coloured sweat. Their only theory so far is that the condition may be caused by a mystery parasite inside the patient's body.

The Southern Metropolitan News quotes a doctor at the Guangzhou Friendship Hospital saying he had read of cases of red and blue sweat in ancient medical books but never green sweat.


16 Responses:

  1. omarius says:

    Too much Gatorade?

  2. myasma says:

    Maybe he was drinking gatorade.

  3. deluxed says:

    Sounds like someone is going to get an endorsement deal with Gatorade.

  4. lars_larsen says:

    China has so many fucking people, they're bound to have all different colors of sweat appear eventually.

  5. zeppo says:

    Was this post-radiation exposure and during a fit of rage in which all of his clothes ripped from his body except for his pants which merely became shorter?

    If not I am not sure what was going on there...

  6. brutsid says:

    Why the fuck would anybody even bother to write an article like this without pictures?

  7. It's like he was SWEATING GATORADE!

  8. asan102 says:

    That's what too much soylent green does to you. Lucky bastard.

    You know they don't FDA test that stuff.