An 18-wheeler carrying 30,000 pounds of eggs overturned on the West Loop. The mishap sent an avalanche of eggs sailing over the side of the overpass, crushing a state Department of Transportation truck at a construction site below [...] As the day grew hotter, environmental workers stepped gingerly through the yolky mess, trying not to slip as they tiptoed down the overpass during cleanup efforts.

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13 Responses:

  1. alynch says:

    I guess that'll teach 'em not to put so many eggs in one basket, er, vehicle.

  2. suppafly says:

    insert walking on egg-shells joke here.

  3. greyhame says:

    Environmental workers used a substance to combat the smell

    Did they now. What substance, one might ask...

  4. beerfrick says:

    meanwhile chicken around the world can be heard screaming "won't somebody think of the children!?"

  5. idcmp says:

    I'm impressed, they did the entire article without one egg pun.

  6. Is it a bad thing that my first thought was "Omelette!"?

  7. willco says:

    Had this occurred in Phoenix, all they'd need for cleanup is a big-ass spatula.

    [Insert PETA joke here]

  8. gths says:

    Everybody hurts.

  9. rzr_grl says:

    I'm glad there are photos for this, but these photos suck... eggs.