Dead Ringers

When life imitates Cronenberg:

In 44 lawsuits, former patients say Dr. Charles Momah fondled their breasts and genitals, and frequently penetrated them with a vaginal ultrasound probe that gynecologists rarely use.

The lawsuits also allege Momah got the women hooked on heavy painkillers such as Vicodin, Percoset and morphine, and used their addiction to manipulate them, threatening to stop their prescriptions if they reported sexual abuse.

Some women allege Momah even allowed his identical twin, Dr. Dennis Momah, to impersonate him and "examine" patients.


8 Responses:

  1. valacosa says:

    Some women allege Momah even allowed his identical twin, Dr. Dennis Momah, to impersonate him and "examine" patients.
    How diabolically evil. I thought that kind of stuff only happened in soap operas...

    I also found this interesting: "Daleena Rollins was happy to find a doctor who accepted her Medicaid coupons when she first visited Momah in 1995." I'm Canadian, so I don't know the details of Medicaid, but is finding a doctor willing to accept coupons a huge problem?

    • Yes it is, the additional paperwork required to redeem them as a physician makes it basically a wash to get the money from them. Medicaid pays a bit lower than standard fee schedules for a doctor visit (typical - even insurance companies do this). Combine this with the time and effort to get reimbursed and you might as well work for free.

      And doctors are hardly free.

      • valacosa says:

        Sounds a lot like Down and Out in Paris and London. In that book, tramps frequently got shortchanged on food stamps, the vendors knowing full well the tramps could do nothing about it...

  2. giles says:

    Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?

  3. drjohn says:

    It is not uncommon to use a transvaginal probe. It can be malpractice to not use it, as the images are much more detailed, measurements more accurate, etc. Not that you'd use it every time someone showed up...just pointing out the irony (for me) that people will sue you either way.

    Not that I have a smidge of sympathy for this guy. Creeps like this and the ook of the whole experience keep people from their OB/GYN docs. This, the Pope, and ignorance have led to a minor epidemic in cervical cancer arising from non-symptomatic HPV infection. It's sad: every time I see cervical cancer with mets everywhere, I think, "Some dude did this to her." With lung cancer, you at least know who to blame.

    Not to be all "Cosmo Heath Page", but: get PAPed yearly and use condoms. Do a little reading. If your doc is spooky, get another one.