A high wave lashes a fishing port in Aki, western Japan. A large typhoon lashed western Japan with heavy rains and powerful winds Monday, grounding airplanes, stalling ferries, and forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)
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Moon, Time Cube, ALL ARE ONE!

This latest Sun Myung Moon thing is just too weird, but better still are some of his quotes:

Moon's vagina monologues:

In the spirit of yin-yang duality, Washington Times owner Rev. Moon calls the penis the convex organ and the vagina the concave. From a 2000 speech railing against loose women (in which he also lays out his his U.N. plans):

"If a couple exists with that individualism, then the concave organ should be sealed with concrete."

Ouch. From a 2001 speech.

"A woman's reproductive organ is concave, like the wide-open mouth of a poisonous snake with fangs"

Also, pliers:

"As a man, in your right front pants pocket is a small inside watch pocket. Keep pliers there, and when you go to the bathroom, once a day, pinch your love organ. Cut the skin a little bit as a warning. If your love organ does not listen to your conscience, then you should cut off the tip. Even if it takes that extreme measure, we have to make sure our mind and body become one. We were told to love our enemy. What is our enemy? Our lineage and love organ. Love your enemy."
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it's not fair to tease like that

Kerry invited Aspen resident and writer Hunter S. Thompson to ride in his motorcade and brought three copies of Thompson's book about the 1972 presidential race, "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail" for autographs.

"Just to put your minds all at ease, I have four words for you that I know will relieve you greatly," Kerry told the fund-raiser. "How does this sound -- Vice President Hunter Thompson."

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Photographers' Bust Card

Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography
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