Rasputin part, 2: "allowing for shrinkage caused by pickling"

More detail on the kooktacular museum where the previously-gawked-at monk cock lives on:

Measuring 28.5 centimeters (about 11 inches) -- allowing for shrinkage caused by pickling -- Rasputin's penis displayed in a tall glass bottle is, to put it delicately, a big attraction at the museum.

Igor Knyazkin, 37, a urologist and sexologist, set up the museum in the clinic he runs, partly with the aim of helping his patients overcome impotence. The atmosphere of the museum makes patients "more optimistic and relaxed," he said. "Men who come here are ill at ease because of their problems, and our light and happy atmosphere reassures them."

Only part of Knyazkin's collection of 12,000 erotic objects is displayed in the clinic, which is staffed by buxom nurses wearing short white blouses and high heels. "I keep the valuable stuff at home," he said.

Impotent Russians find giant pickled cocks and buxom nurses "reassuring!"
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