car people are weird

The other day, a car drove by the club that had LCD TV screens embedded in the backs of all four headrests. So that the people in the back seat could watch TV. And so that any people who happened to be sitting on the trunk could watch TV. This was not an SUV, or a station wagon, this was a car-sized four-seat car, and the glass of the back window was three inches behind the rear TVs. The only people who could possibly see those TVs would be outside.
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Israel, of course, is the killdozer pioneer

IDF armoured D9 bulldozer

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what if we threw a protest and nobody showed up?

There are at least fifty really bored looking riot cops standing around in front of Moscone and Metreon right now. I think that stantions outnumber cops by at least 5:1. And there are no protestors at all.
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bad dog no smack



hell of a way to run a war zone

Iraqis Paying 5 Cents a Gallon for Gas:

Although Iraq is a major petroleum producer, the country has little capacity to refine its own gasoline. So the U.S. government pays about $1.50 a gallon to buy fuel in neighboring countries and deliver it to Iraqi stations. A three-month supply costs American taxpayers more than $500 million, not including the cost of military escorts to fend off attacks by Iraqi insurgents.

The U.S. government paid even more last year for Iraqis' gasoline -- between $1.59 and $1.70 per gallon -- when the imports were contracted to Halliburton, the Texas oil services giant formerly headed by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Analysts say the U.S. gas subsidies can't last forever -- and Iraqis may be in for an unpleasant shock when they end. In the meantime, however, the American taxpayer continues to foot a huge bill.

"The United States controls all Iraqi resources now," said Jenan Jabro, 50, tanking up his black Opel. "So what if they have to pay a little bit for gasoline? That's nothing compared to what they get in return."

Analysts say there never was a good case -- either before the war or afterward -- that a U.S. invasion would pay dividends in cheap oil. "Some of the neo-conservatives might've been saying that, but no energy analysts were walking around saying that," Cordesman said.

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The Corporation

We saw The Corporation tonight -- it's great! Go see it. It's playing at The Castro until next wednesday.

(Previous Godwin-soaked flamewar here.)

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Killdozer tribute site

Incidentally, for those of you (like me) who had trouble getting the video to play, here is a direct link to the streaming WMV helicopter footage of the RAMPAGE!

And from brutsid:

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