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Now, aside from the fact that it would be Illegal And Wrong, I'm kind of surprised to find no evidence that someone has yet taken MAME and every ROM, and burned a PS2 DVD that contains the entire output of the arcade industry in a Playstationable form (it would all fit, or nearly.)

Is this because it's nightmarishly hard to author PS2 discs? Or do I just not travel in the right circles to have heard about this artifact?

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gadget review

Helpful advice for young geeks: do not succumb to the temptation of the Gerber Recoil multi-tool. The Leatherman Wave remains the One True Way.

I broke part of the tip off of one of the plier jaws of my Leatherman a couple of years ago, and so I finally went shopping for a new one. I picked up a Recoil instead, because it has the really nice feature that all of the tools lock in place (you have to press a release to fold them back in.) The blades on the Wave lock, but the screwdrivers do not, and more than once I've had them fold up on my fingers while I was bearing down on something, which is no good.

But, it turns out that the Recoil is inferior in a bunch of ways: <LJ-CUT text=" --More--(54%) ">

  • The pliers pop out the front "switchblade" style, which is cute, but it's hard to push them back in: you have to push in on the pointy end of the pliers, which hurts.
  • The pliers don't go in all the way, so it's easy to pinch yourself on them while they're folded up.

  • Worse, using the screwdriver necessitates having the pliers pinch the palm of your hand the whole time.

  • Despite the "lock" on the eject button, it's still really easy to trigger the damned thing while reaching around in your pocket.

  • There's only one flathead screwdriver (the Wave has four, five if you count the saw.) The Recoil screwdriver is the thickness of the Wave's largest, and so far, has been too big for every single thing I've tried to use it on.

  • Because the Recoil doesn't "butterfly" open, you can't make it long-and-thin for hard-to-reach places.

The scissors seem better on the Recoil, but that might just be because they aren't all gummy yet.

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please, won't someone think of the micro-crabs?

A glassful of cold New York City tap water not kosher?

The problem: tiny creatures called copepods, which are crustaceans. Stores in heavily orthodox Brooklyn reported a run on water filters and rabbis considered whether additional measures were necessary.

Rabbi Abraham Zimmerman, of the Orthodox Satmar sect, said the recent discovery of the copepods was a small hardship, but he called on the city to help in making its water kosher. But the Department of Environmental Protection, which runs the reservoirs, said that the copepods are impossible to do away with and that they deliver health benefits to the reservoir.

My heartfelt schadenfreude extends not only to our religious fundamentalist brethren, but also to all the vegans in New York. Oh, the humanity crustacianity!