it's comin' right for us


14 Responses:

  1. cadmus says:

    I have that hat at work! (Seriously...)

  2. technotronic says:

    I see that they don't let the lady have a hat!

  3. doomkty says:

    Looks familiar.
    Probably because I have a Canadian roommate who wears plaid pants.

  4. You're surprised by this? My friend, the ten-gallon foam cowboy hat is our provincial uniform! In fact, failure to don one before entering a government building is punishble by death, usually by being beaten with a beaver carcass soaked in crude.

    Surely you don't mean to ridicule our mobile pagan idols, either... Bob the Fat Contractor is our most revered of deities.

  5. gths says:

    I've got this violent urge to sing the Lumberjack Song. Kill me now.

  6. ronbar says:

    The lady has just enough fashion sense to opt for the perennially-stylish hardhat instead of the novelty foam ten-gallon hat. That's just part of why she's hot.

    Unless she's actually a guy (I can't tell at that size), in which case I'll suffer acute homophobia for a couple of minutes, then go eat breakfast.

  7. jwilkins says:

    Yet another reason I'm happy I left Alberta.

  8. gordonzola says:

    I see the unions have finally found a fool-proof method for reaching The Youth!